10 of the rules of conservation of energy

1. Do not waste time on self-pity.

You'll never see as strong-willed man is sorry about his sorrowful state, blames circumstances or experiencing how badly he had been treated.Such a person is able to take responsibility for their actions and their results, understands and accepts the fact that life is not always fair.He can honorably withdraw from the trial, received a life lesson and thanked him.When the situation is bad, successful man replied: "Oh, what to do" or simply "Next!".

2. Do not use your power.

Strong-willed people try not to use its power over other people, to make their employees feel humiliated or bad.Successful people understand that their strength lies in the ability to control his actions and emotions.

3. Do not be afraid of change.

Strong-willed people accept change and willingly go towards risk.Their most powerful "fear" (if any) are not of the unknown, and to the opportunity to become complacent and stagnant.Time for change gives them energy and sharpens their best qualities.

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4. Do not waste energy on something you have no control over.

Strong-willed people do not complain about long and tedious to traffic jams, lost luggage, and especially to other people.They take these facts as events that are beyond their control.In a difficult situation successful people realize that the only thing they are subject to control - it is their own reactions to the situation.

5. Do not worry about how to please everyone.

you know people who try to please everyone?Or, conversely, those who climb out of their way to hurt others and thus strengthen their image of a strong man?Both of these positions are bad.Strong-willed people are trying to be kind and fair and to please others only where appropriate.However, they are not afraid to express an opinion, which may upset someone.

6. Do not regret the past.

necessary to have a special power to accept the past and move on.Appreciate the things you learned in the past, but do not waste your mental and spiritual energy to the experience of past disappointments and nostalgia.Strong-willed people put their energy into making the best of the present.

7. Do not repeat their mistakes.

We all know the definition of insanity, right?This is when a man repeatedly commits the same action, and hoping to get a different or better than the earlier results.The ability to accurate and productive self-reflection - this is one of the most obvious strengths of successful people.

8. Do not envy the success of others.

agree, requires a special skill to feel the sincere joy and admiration for the success of another person.Strong-willed people have this ability.They are not jealous and do not experience unpleasant emotions when others achieve success.Successful people are working hard to improve their chances of success and hope for the tricky workarounds.

9. Do not give up after the failure.

Every failure - a chance to improve themselves.Even the great entrepreneurs are willing to confirm the fact that their first attempts in business often end in failure.Strong-willed people are willing to failure, if necessary, and if it gives them experience and learn new things.Every failure brings you closer to the desired goal.

10. Do not be afraid of loneliness.

Strong-willed people are able to enjoy the solitude.They use it to reflect on the past and the present and plan for the future.What is more important - their happiness and mood does not depend on the behavior of others.They can be happy and together with other people, and in loneliness.

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