What is the name of Nikita and what qualities it gives the person

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Any woman, knowing that she was pregnant, starts to think ahead of time what to call him.You can name the unborn baby in honor of their ancestors, you can just look in the calendar, and it is possible "to install" on the development of certain mental qualities of the baby.Very often in the Orthodox calendar mentions the name of Nikita.Its importance is revealed in the Greek word "Nikos" - "win."In ancient Greece there was a special goddess - Nick, that the ancient Romans was called Victoria.

As you can see, as originally anoint girls, but later, although it remains "feminine" the end of the word has changed meaning.The name Nikita has come to mean a courageous warrior-winner.However, at the hearing it is gentle and tender (as opposed to "sternly sounding" Victor).After the church split it remained only in the Byzantine Empire, and the spread of Christianity in the northern lands and come to Russia.Orthodox commemorates many Nikit, name of which fall on February 13, April 2, 5 June, 26 October, and many other dates.

Interestingly, in our part of the name of "fell into disgrace" after the reign of Khrushchev and newborn boys for a long time so do not anoint.However, with the release in theaters of the film "La Femme Nikita", especially after the release of the eponymous blockbuster, it has become fashionable again, despite the fact that the directors unknowingly been dubbed as the main characters.But what is the name of Nikita, many of our compatriots have thoroughly forgotten.They simply succumbed to the charms of Peta Wilson or Maggie Q, who played these roles.In the West, the so-became narekat girls, emphasizing, like in the movies, on the last syllable.

Those interested in horoscopes and esotericism, learn for themselves a lot of interesting reading in different sources about what is the name of Nikita.It turns out that it serves the patron planet Mercury, which means that its support will be endowed with a tenacious mind, good memory, gifted with abilities to commerce and other talents.However, it is prescribed to wear a talisman Garnet stone, preferably purple or blue.Plants which are good for the life of such a person are bell and ash, and the animal - a hedgehog.Good call because the boy, born in the zodiacal constellation Gemini - then the talents bestowed upon the stars and name match.

Compilers horoscopes it difficult to accurately answer that is the name of Nikita.The problem is that there is value in honor of the patron is called the boy.Therefore, there are descriptions of character, talent and destiny for winter, spring, summer and autumn Nikita.Sometimes, their morals are almost reversed, although all of them characterized by a craving for excellence, stubbornness and persistence."Winner" must first overcome their own laziness and selfishness, which he often "sin."Female end smoothes Nikita character: it is soft, easily vulnerable, somewhat sentimental, but does not show the form.

In Western Europe, this name is mentioned in the Acts of the medieval cathedral of the Cathars in San Feliz de Caraman: a "Pappas Nikvinta" came from Constantinople to consecrate bishops western dissident Churches - French, Italian and four Occitan.Also worth mentioning, among other well-known personalities, in addition to Khrushchev, Mikhalkov, Beketov Dzhigurda.Creating diminutive should not forget that is the name of Nikita.It is best to call the little boy Nika, Nikisch, Nikitka.