What is the name Karina?

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Karina - the name of a rare, beautiful, romantic, gentle.Karina, Karinochka, Karinka.Communicating with Karina, you can never be sure that you know her well enough.This man from the category of those who like to present to others surprises.Most often, a team is hateful Karina is a "dark horse."Not surprisingly, many are wondering what is the name of Karina.It occurs less frequently, so people do not know about the main qualities that are endowed bearer of the name.

consider in detail the name of Karina, the origin of which is well known to scientists.The ancient meaning of the name can tell a lot about his carrier.So, the name of Karina initially translated as "the nose of the ship", "ship's keel".Romantic, is not it?But what is the name of Karina now?Over time, the value of the name transformed.So, today it is a rare name means "looking forward", "going ahead", "leading".Not surprisingly, the girl with the beautiful and sonorous name, as a rule, very energetic, active and mobile.Moreover, Karina is characterized by high self-esteem.These women know what they want from life and what cost.Sometimes this translates into selfishness.They have enough forces and internal organization, to control emotions and to be reserved.But imperious character and high, and sometimes even lead to high self-esteem that Karina seeks to control not himself but others.

What gives the same disadvantages girls name Karina?The value of "leading" in the name can play a cruel joke with the girl.The fact is that Karine lacks patience.She prefers to reach a result in this way, which is more important than the fuse and energy rather than patience and perseverance.These are the qualities on which the formation of Karine to work life.

But this is not all that is the name of Karina.If you are surrounded by a person with such a name, keep in mind that this woman is very curious and active, regardless of age, but only in those areas that it really interested.If Karina is not "lit" the idea, and it sees no sense to do anything.This is partly the natural laziness, partly - the reluctance to waste power.

Karina is very demanding of himself and others, so talk to her sometimes difficult.However, to cope with this problem in several ways.Like many people, Carina just powerless against sincere sympathy and humor.In spite of the external force, Karina in the shower is very vulnerable and in urgent need of participation and human warmth.

What is the name Karina, when viewed from the perspective of the relationship to money?Here the situation is as follows.For women with the same name money - an important, if not the main goal.Karina does not know how to live simply, it all has to be the best, so she chooses the satellite software.And not so much because of the love of money, how much of a desire to be confident in the future and know that next to her a decent man who could achieve something in life.

Communicating with Kareena, we should remember that she used to always pursue their own.And she does it with all means available.