How to set up channels on the TV LG own hands

Sociology knows everything.She says that before the blue screen average person spends about five hours a day.In order to provide a more comfortable viewing of popular programs is sufficient to properly configure the channels.Television, thanks to modern technology, new formats and offers better quality broadcast.If you wish to view your favorite shows would bring more positive emotions, then connect the digital channels.They can take many brands of TVs, especially produced well-known manufacturers.Consider a few options for how to configure the channels on the TV LG, what steps need to be taken.Television receivers, there are many different types and kinds of LCD, plasma, LCD, Smart TV.Digital TV channels can keep working on the network conditional access system DVCrypt.Connect them is quite simple, there is a guide for this.

«Smart TV" and its setting

new generation of devices supports Smart TV - the so-called "smart TV."Users have the great opportunity to not only watch their favorite movies and programs, but also to have access to the Internet.Therefore, initially, before set up channels on the TV LG, you must provide a connection to the network.Suitable for both wired connection, and wireless, using Wi-Fi router.Including television receiver and to connect to the Internet (eg, through the cable into the connector on the router LAN), you need to go to settings.Then, select "Network" in it - "Network Connection."To connect, click "Select Network".In the list that appears, you will need to specify the required form (wired, wireless), select and press "Update".Now your "smart TV" will see the Internet.Finally left click on the button "Finish".After that it is necessary to register on the portal LGAPSS, create an account, enter a password to get on the e-mail letter.It should select the link "Complete Registration".Now you can proceed to the main point, namely, to consider how to set up channels on the TV LG, to access the portal.First, it is necessary to install a special application «SS IPTV».We now proceed directly to the process.

Sort channels

Once the application is installed on the TV, it will appear in the large menu with icons of TV channels.Your task - to choose the series you are interested in and press the button on the "OK" button.Similarly, the sorting is carried out channel on your TV LG, it's pretty simple.However, in some cases, can be a problem in the wrong and the sequence of their position, then again need your intervention.

Automatic Channel

sorted everything is clear, and how to set up channels on the TV LG?Let us consider the process in order.First open the menu (in the control).In it, select "Options", where we need to "Auto".Next you need to specify in the proposed list of language and country.Start "Auto."Selecting confirm "OK".In the new menu select "Cable".In that case, if the item does not appear necessary to repeat all the steps again, and as the country indicate Finland or Germany.To find the digital channels in the menu select the item "Settings".Then click "Search".In the auto search must specify the necessary parameters: modulation, search type, frequency, symbol rate, and others. The last point ID-network indicates "Auto".If all the steps have been performed correctly, the entire setup process takes very little time - only five or ten minutes.When the search is finished, click "OK".


television receiver can broadcast transmission is not only through the Internet, but also the traditional way - by cable or satellite dish.The latter option was more popular."Plate" allows you to catch a television signal, not only in a city apartment, but in the country.Initially, you need to choose a company whose products are equipped with built-in satellite tuner DVB-S2.Television receivers South Korean firms fully meet these requirements.To show good tv LG, setting the digital channels is required.But first you need to connect an antenna.You will need to connect a cable from the satellite dish to a television (requires input Satellite IN).Then connect the module DRE CRYPT MPEG-4.Now we proceed to configure channels.First, we take up the remote control and select "Menu", and in it - the desired channel.Then - Antenna "satellite".Yes, still need to enter the PIN.Then you need to select the satellite and put a tick in the box.After that, go to the "Setting the LNB».After making the necessary changes and set the parameters, proceed to setting up channels of transponders following table.

Good advice in conclusion

wonderful selection of equipment for the home TV is LG.How to set up channels on it, now you know.In principle, it is not so difficult.Upon completion of the search are displayed all the digital channels, as well as the available radio stations.Televisions LG - is undoubtedly a masterpiece of modern technology.But they have a feature: auto-update channels.This function is recommended to turn off, or need to re-configure.