Hot iron - what is it?

Many believe that in order to lose weight, be sure to include your sports schedule aerobic and cardio.However, few people know that getting rid of excess weight can not resorting to athletics, doing only strength training.Let's see, hot iron - what it is and who do it.

Power load - a guarantee of weight loss

More recently, German researchers from Dusseldorf found that allow power loads in a short time very effectively regulate their weight.Observations of the large group of subjects (over 100 employees) have shown that strength training with regular repeats even more effective in the fight against excess weight than traditional cardio.

findings formed the basis for a new trend of sports training - "Hot Iron".It is a complex of specially selected fitness exercises with a focus on generation of an endurance strength, fat burning, rehabilitation of back problems.In addition to German scientists, a great contribution to the development of the program have experienced coaches sportswear company Reebok.

Classes for motivated people

All fitness centers where classes are held in the direction of Hot Iron, using a uniform methodology exercise.Moreover, these exercises regularly (usually quarterly) are modified slightly so that there is no getting used to the same type of stress.

main focus of the "Hot Iron" is on the power load.Sami classes are held in the halls of the music, like aerobics.Today, almost every fitness center offers classes on the program hot iron.Training is equally well suited for both men and women regardless of baseline training.

Typical program

"Hot Iron" is a collection of several directions:

  • beginners wishing to get a beautiful body shape, fit the program "Hot Iron" 1, 2, or Advanced.
  • best results in the fight against excess weight and fat sgonke shows komples Iron Cross.
  • If you have back problems is best to choose a program Iron Back.
  • most optimum power load gives complex Iron Body.

breakdown of various training systems is one of the advantages of the program since it allows to take into account the individual characteristics of each are involved, as well as the goals that it sets itself.Any person can easily choose for themselves resembling option exercise.

program for beginners

usually begins Visitors fitness centers to choose the program "Hot Iron" 1, that is correct.Experienced involved more appropriate sets of activities such as the Iron Cross, "Hot Iron" 2 and Advanced Training.

Exercises "Hot Iron" one devoted to the main power movements.Is engaged in doing lunges, tight bar, lying down, crouch and swing press.For those who want to fight against excess weight, provided sessions with mini-bars.The load level is selected individually, depending on the degree of preparedness.

Complex for hardy

"Hot Iron" 2 emphasizes lunges, squats and push-ups vigorous.In the process of training spent a lot of energy, it is possible to work out quality even small muscles.The figure can be brought into the desired shape, doing hot iron.Reviews from dealing largely positive.People celebrate improvement after four weeks of training.

complex "Iron Cross" is aimed at the formation of a beautiful body.The exercises help to increase muscle, and in the course of employment spent a lot of energy.Although this set of exercises more suitable for men, well-trained women also find a lot of interesting things in it."Iron Cross" allows for a relatively short time to throw a decent amount of weight loss.There are no treadmills or training on a stationary bike can not be compared with the "Iron Cross" performance.

duration of one lesson is one hour.It is enough to properly load all the major muscles, without fear of harm to the joints or vertebrae.If until now the question arises, hot iron - that is, read the article below.


Along with traditional cardio of athletics classes in the system hot iron (training provides not only extra kilos eviction) contribute to the formation of beautiful contours of the body, thanks to the power aspect of the exercises.The main advantage of - a regular exercise change included in the complex, which is more effective compared with classical approach.As a result, the muscles do not get used to the same type of load, but on the contrary, constantly working, thanks to the variable exercise that has a positive effect on the figure.

Classes "Hot Iron" allow:

  • Accelerate the metabolism of more than 30%.
  • herded extra weight without dieting.
  • Build up the muscles.
  • burn fat.
  • tighten the skin, get rid of cellulite.
  • strengthen bones.
  • Increase mobility of the joints.

One hour of diligent training under the "Hot Iron" can get rid of 900 calories, which is achieved through the use of specially developed training schedule based on a scientific approach and with the involvement of certified instructors.

If desired "Hot Iron" allows you to change training programs to increase the workload involves a lot of repetition.

main provisions underlying approach "Hot Iron":

  • Force elements in the best exercises to help fight obesity, rather than the usual type of aerobics workout.
  • Some diets do not help for a long time to drive away the excess fat, be sure to exercise power.
  • Classes force elements lead to a fat-burning effect that lasts for another day after school.
  • Strength training has beneficial effects on the general state of the body, including help to enhance immunity, normalize blood pressure, calm the nervous system.

also "Hot Iron" helps to improve posture, strengthen back muscles.

How to do?

Excellent results are guaranteed, even if the time is not much activity.It is enough to deal with at least three times a week.Training days should alternate with days of rest.It is best suited for relaxing swimming lessons, which will reduce muscle tone.Hot iron - that is, sports or fitness?

Classes "Hot Iron" does not require a special diet or additional sports nutrition.It is easy to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat a lot of protein, but to reduce the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet.The main rule - to avoid overeating.Subject to these requirements, and subject to regular employment, a figure quickly attain the desired shape.It's easy to normalize your weight, if you regularly engage in hot iron.Reviews of training men and women leave the most favorable.Each tone of the notes in the body and a beautiful formation of muscle mass.

system of exercises "Hot Iron" is equally suitable both sexes.

Some women worry that as a result of training they will have to build muscle and will be like a man.These fears are unfounded!In fact, "Hot Iron" allows you to achieve the perfect figure and beautiful terrain of the body without effect "nakachany."If you have decided to practice on their own hot iron, for music lessons should be dynamic and incendiary.

How much to do, to see the effect?

special technique was developed to train for one hour.At the same time you will have to attend training at least three times a week.Due to the fact that the rate of metabolism of all kinds, the result will be visible through a different period of time.Usually people say after a month and a visible positive effect smartness body.

When everyday stress burns about 800-900 calories.The weight of the equipment is selected depending on the development of muscles.Nobody will give novice heavy loads, it can negatively affect health.The hot iron exercises regularly changing.


This type of exercise is not recommended for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.An experienced instructor is able to adapt the training for any person.Therefore, there are practically no contraindications.

Strength training requires competent approach and preheat muscles.It is impossible to grasp at the bar, it is necessary to do warm-up exercises.Originally a better deal with a professional who will provide practical advice and guidance on nutrition.No training will not have the desired effect, if not revise the food in your fridge.As you can see, in the hot iron practically no contraindications.


Hot iron - bar, which does not require daily activities.It takes only three visits to the gym a week, the first results will not keep you waiting.Within 3-4 months, the skin will be tightened considerably, the flabbiness disappear, increase vitality, reduce body subcutaneous layer.

Training "Hot Iron" does not require much equipment or accessories that will be enough mini-bars with a set of different weights (1-5 kg), rugs, made of rubberized material.

Thus, "Hot Iron" is a highly effective fitness program that allows to achieve significant results in a short time.At the same time, the lessons are a great way to rest, let you recharge your batteries and cheerful for a long time.Equipment for hot iron is chosen depending on the level of preparation.

All exercises are constantly improving the complex a team of experienced instructors, as well as German scientists, developers of the program.

"Hot Iron" - a wonderful program for those who care about their body.Now you know about the hot iron, it is a new direction for the formation of their muscle mass.