Why dream of a lizard?

At all times, the interpretation of dreams took human attention.People tried to see these signs and symbols encrypted manifest destiny, hoping to use them to see the boundless future.Our ancestors believed that the world that exists in their dreams, was able to convey a kind of message that protect them from adversity.And they could only learn to interpret them correctly.The interpreter of dreams collected by observation and knowledge of the wise men of past centuries.

We now have the opportunity to learn from the experience of various nations gathered Compilers dream book is not one century.

If you saw a dream in which dreamed of a lizard, you have to wonder whether you have chosen as their surroundings.But this is not so simple.It will be treated as such only for those born in September, October, November and December.

If you had a lizard and you have a birthday party from May to August, expect the theft in his house.This applies only to the male half, because stealing is to blame for your best friend's wife.

To determine what dreams lizard see what position it occupies in the dream book.Lizard - Representative linking extraterrestrial consciousness, that is another world, with human consciousness.It appears as a green, magical, sometimes talking animals, which helps to find out the hidden secrets and get to the treasure, buried deep in the bowels.This animal has the ability to help find the spiritual authority and wisdom of knowledge.

If you are a woman and you had a lizard, expect from the machinations of enemies.I dreamed that you killed a lizard - your reputation will not suffer, despite the series of troubles plaguing you.You will try to cut back on money, but collected in a fist will and patience to help honorably get out of the situation.

What dreams lizard?The image of mythological dream book is pretty treacherous woman.She Shifty, seductive and dangerous in nature.So, if you are followers of mythology - beware.You will most likely danger.

If a woman dreamed of a lizard, which it has bitten or she dropped the skin, can be expected ahead of the next test.If you managed to catch it, then as the lizard - is itself resourcefulness, your goal will be achieved, but you do not pay attention to the tools and weapons that are needed to achieve it.

What dreams lizard dream book Freud?First of all, it is possible occurrence of sexual problems with partners.For example, if your dream lizard tries to run away from you, then it means that your half have a secret admirer, whom he (she) is cheating on you.On the possible sexual problems tells a dream in which a lizard's tail fell off.Men, do not panic, because, by and large, it's just a dream.An animal with a tail dumps warn you about an unsuccessful date, and you can always give it up.

Now learn what dreams lizard in the dream book, written for the entire family.Here you also waiting for a warning.Danger lurks on the part of false and wrong friends.Such a dream is to attach importance to, if it was a Friday night.A bite or attack you lizard huge size means that you can close person you fail or betray.

If you had a bright memorable dream, contact Dream book.He is able to warn or stop direct from rash acts.It is believed that if the body is overworked, he does not have dreams and they come to him in the form of black-and-white images.It is very interesting with the help of the interpretation of dreams assume predict the future or the present, to feel his psychological state.But believe it or not - it's up to you.Good night and pleasant dreams!