Interpretation of Dreams.

most of his life, and that's a fact, we spend a dream.Falling asleep, we can see different images, possibly mixed, from scraps of what he sees and remembers our brain awake.Each image can be a harbinger of a certain event.People have long since learned to anticipate such events by dreams.Images can be seen close relatives, travel, promotion, buying a new home, and others.In this article we will look at what dreams war from the perspective of some of the universally recognized dream book.

Dreams modern interpretations

If your dream is, the warring parties, in real life things can go very bad.Family quarrels and scandals between spouses become commonplace.If there are winners in the war - is to increased business activity and the establishment of happy, happy family relationships.If a woman dreams that her husband or boyfriend is going to fight, be ready to discover new facets of his character, often unpleasant.

Great Universal Dream

As characterized in the dream the war from the perspective of the dream book?Military operations represent the home clutter nesobrannost households.Victory - celebrate a joyous celebration.The establishment of family harmony and order.If you are a direct participant in the battles to you or your family can come grief.If fighting, you can not hide, probably, you have serious problems.

Dream book on Islam

What is the Islamic dream dream book "War"?Kohl war is conducted within the same city, will increase the cost of essential goods.Or greater than inflation.If citizens are fighting with the local administration, is expected to decrease prices.Different rulers staged a war - will be strife, civil war or plague attack.

war by alphabetical dream books

Deployed fighting in his sleep - disorders in the family and the conflicts with relatives.A young girl, who dream, as her groom goes to war, hear the unflattering reviews about your chosen one.Why dream of a war, when you attack?The attack in his sleep on your side - a harbinger bargain or a good job.If you see the war from - beware of your friends.If you heard about the beginning of the war through the receiver or watching television time about the war - you will be damaged by any major fraud.Win a dream dream books in almost all means good luck in business and family understanding.But defeat in the battle clearly points to all kinds of trouble, harassment, oppression and other troubles.In the general context of the question, what dreams war, consider going to the front of the troops.Seeing them in their sleep, then go through some kind of confusion, more excitement, anxiety or sadness.If the same episode of the old dream of the people, or those who are sick, there will be new diseases.

war on Dream book for lovers

If a woman dreams that her lover went off to war, she finds something unpleasant about him.And this can lead to rupture of relations.In case of victory in war you can count on a warm family relationships.

Why dream the war on the Eastern Dream book

Easterners say the following.When the war dream of a city with other lands, much more expensive supplies.And if the locals are fighting with the ruler - is a quiet life, teeming creature comforts.To escape during a battle or in a collision with the enemy - the omens of happiness.


Other events of military action in a dream can be interpreted in different ways.The way you see yourself on the part of the theater of fighting battles will depend confluence of circumstances of life.Interpretation of dream-books should not be taken literally.It is rather a warning of any significant turns in your destiny, do not necessarily coincide with the considered interpretation.