Dream interpretation: what dreams that fly

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Opportunity feeling of flying for a long time haunted people.The man gazed longingly at the birds flying in the sky and tried to invent a variety of tools to help him rise above the ground.Then one day he woke up in the morning, you say to yourself: "But at night I flew in a dream!" What could mean such a dream?We offer to find the answer to this question, I asked for help from several well-known dream books.

What dreams that fly: sonnik Miss Hasse

If you dream that you are flying long distances, then you expect a stormy love affairs.The flight ended the fall, predicts offensive troubles.If you hovered, flapping their wings like a bird in life is waiting for you great happiness.Flying in the sky promises physically healthy people luck and happiness, and the sick - death.

Islamic dream interpretation: what dreams that fly

This dream is considered by the compilers of the dream book as a harbinger of imminent travel.If you dream you were flying between heaven and earth, in life, you can take a dream and a desire of something.Unfortunately, most of the planned will not come true.

Oriental Dream Book: what a dream that I fly

dream in which you can easily plan a highly pure and blue sky, implementation of promises the most cherished dreams.Fly on black wings - a bitter disappointment.Falls to the ground - to the many problems and troubles.If we managed to wake up at the time of landing, you will be able to overcome all the trials with minimal losses.

Alphabet interpretation of dreams: what dreams that fly

Flying Asleep considered this source as a symbolic separation of the physical body from the astral nature of man.If you dream that you're trying to fly under the ceiling of the room in which sleep, something like the vision symbolizes the awakening of your spiritual strength.Soar the outdoors - to the rush of vitality and enhance your sexual attractiveness.Being high in the clouds - to your tendency to fantasize that prevents real life.If you dream you just took off and immediately began to plummet, then you need to come to terms with the defeat coming and keep strength for new achievements.

Dream book from A to Z: what dreams fly

According to the compilers of the source, if you dreamed that you soar aloft like a bird, then you expect realization of all the hopes and desires and a great happiness in love.If you pikiruete down, you risk cause marital discord.Flying in the air is very low on the ground - a long trip or holiday.If you dream that you are very long and far from somewhere to fly, in real life you expect stormy love affairs.Flying in the sky surrounded by some obscure creatures, surprises and amazes you with its views, peace promises relief.A dream in which you see the soaring others considered bad sign that the dreamer will bring a variety of problems and troubles.