How to choose a concrete mixer for the house?

Construction - a complex process, sometimes a long and very heavy, especially physically.And, of course, manufacturers of various construction tools and equipment have long come up with a lot of different useful things that greatly facilitate the work.And concrete mixer - is no exception.By the way, the assertion that the private use of the equipment - an unjustified luxury, is just a myth (if you know how to choose the mixer is for the home or small work teams).

General classification

Construction can be of different sizes.And depending on the release of several major types of equipment.First of all, large mixers.They are indispensable in the construction of large-scale, for example, and a multi-storey apartment building and completely useless at private construction sites.To do this, there are compact models.They are designed specifically for private teams and home use, when a large volume of solution is not required.And work with them, of course, it is several times lighter.How to choose a mixer for private masters?It should be based on several criteria.


still only thinking about how to choose a concrete mixer for construction work immediately decide for yourself what kind of control is needed.For example, in the construction of small-scale (private) would be enough, and hand-held equipment.It is much cheaper automated counterparts, but requires physical effort at work.On the other hand, an automatic mixer small size for a modest sum - is the undisputed aid for private construction.Here, everyone decides for himself what he wants.Hand Mixer - this is not just consumption of physical strength, but also significant costs in time, that not every builder can afford.

Bowl capacity

drum mixers is one of the basic elements that need to pay attention.The volume of the cup to one hundred and fifty liters right for private construction.At the same time those who are only just think about how to choose the mixer, it is worth remembering that the solution volume will be 2/3 of the volume of the drum.This is due to both the mixing process of building mass, and its removal from the equipment.It is not necessary to believe sweet speeches and promises of vendors that of the 130-liter concrete mixer can get 100 liters of solution.

Engine and Power

conventional wisdom is that the more powerful device, the better it works.Regarding concrete mixers is a myth, nothing more.How clever you are using the equipment, the better and better it works - that's a fact.And the performance is not so much affected by the engine power.Although this criterion is entirely discounted impossible.How to choose a concrete mixer, focusing on power?For private building equipment usually offer up to 1 kilowatt.It is considered unprofessional relief.Thus when buying always pay attention to the required voltage.For example, there are models of concrete mixers that work on the network 220, and there are those who demand more - 380 and above.In this case, additional stabilizer may be required or generator.And, of course, wondering how to choose the right mixer for the house, remember that for a long time requires a lot of power.If the period of use of the equipment does not exceed 12 hours, that is fine, and 700 watts.

Unloading solution

Also important is the way in which the extraction is carried out final solution from the drum.Of course, strong and big building concrete mixer with automatic feeding of ready mortar.And whether there are for a particular operation?Typically, loading and unloading takes place in manual mode, if the volume of the drum of at least 300 liters.But some manufacturers are going to meet their clients and made small concrete mixer with semi-automatic feed system ready solution - for example, by the pedal.That is to apply physical force is still necessary.If you want to select a mixer for home, then pay attention on such models.This greatly saves power during construction.


It would seem that easy: Download the cement, sand, water flooded, turned and let them interfere with equipment solution.But all is not as it seems at first glance.There are two types of concrete mixers work, regardless of their size and power.Each has its advantages, disadvantages and purpose.

gravitational effect

This type is considered to be a versatile and suitable for the construction of any scale.A key feature is that the mixing and preparation of the solution is due to blades which are arranged inside the drum.They are thoroughly blended cement, sand and water until a homogeneous mixture.Thinking about how to choose a mixer?Consider, by what principle it works.

enforcement action

This type mixing longer fit for equipment for large-scale construction projects.Serious drum capacity, impressive power - all this requires the most thorough method of mixing a solution.You think how to select the mixer on the basis of its actions?Remember that the equipment with forced mixing way - is a variant of liquid concrete.That is, knead it cool solution (eg for masonry walls or cap) is unlikely to succeed.In addition, the market there are not so many models of small volume with the specified type of mixing.

Gear options

gravitational kneading mixers are divided into two types - gear and coronary.The first earned a good reputation as reliable and durable.But that has not received wide distribution.Fly in the ointment - a complex repair.If this type of concrete mixer breaks, replace the gear will be difficult, and in some cases even impossible.

think about how to choose the mixer with the gravitational kneading method?Note coronary mixer.They have plenty of advantages.

Coronal mixer

In another way they are also called the crown.Their lifetime is slightly less than the gear.But in the repair of this type of equipment less whimsically, all the elements can be easily replaced.What exactly do not need to do is to lubricate the mechanism inside, which may affect the work slow down or even stop it.


An important when choosing to do - this is the material from which the casing cement mixer.For example, the drum itself may be a metal, but the mechanism is covered with plastic.How bad is it?Plastic tends to be easily damaged.Good equipment - metal.This significantly adds weight to it, but the reliability and solidity will not have to borrow.Pay attention to how safe shelter management device if electric cement mixer.And the manual should keep rain, snow and ice.

some practical advice

However, the manufacturer and the country in which the equipment is made, do not always guarantee quality.Before buying it is useful to ask the owners of similar models on the quality of the concrete mixers.Even with some conveyors famous foreign manufacturers go such models, which do not adapted to work with the solution.And, of course, you can always make your own mixer, if you have time and a little ingenuity.Suitable materials can search in their own bins or in specialized stores.As will cost cheaper than to buy ready-made equipment.

How to make a concrete mixer?

To assemble the mixer, which will operate in manual mode, need not so much:

  • drum (can be purchased a small amount in a specialty store or a suitable shape to accommodate the tank);
  • relay (pen, which will scroll the drum);
  • desk (her spinning tank).

addition may require the blades that need to be welded to the tank, if you have not purchased a special drum, of course.Place the design on a rack, insert the relay so that it can easily scroll through, shaking the tank.Of course, such an improvised concrete mixer will not differ a special quality of the solution, but for home use is fine.