12 habits that will push you to the people

Let's be honest: that each of us periodically is unbearable.A friend - that is what friends to understand us sometimes to forgive.

But what about other people?To those who have to build partnerships and working relationships?How to expand the circle of friends?

Blog Authors Marc and Angel recommended in the first place to check yourself in the presence of 12 toxic habits, because of which we did not want to communicate.This work (to get rid of them) on the other - is half the battle.And what more you tell intuition and chance.

1. You are jealous of everyone else.

not let envy (or jealousy) to capture you.There is nothing attractive in communicating with someone who constantly talks about others and not about themselves.

Stop comparing your life with the lives of others.Life - a determination to pass through your own way, rather than competition.In fact, you are always competing with only one person - is yesterday.Try to become the best version of yourself, not the best person in your get-together.

2. You're taking too much to heart.

People who are around you, they think primarily about themselves.And, too, are imperfect.They, sometimes, a negative charge.Often, they failed jokes in relation to you.

Do not take it all too seriously.This does not mean that you have to be a narcissist, who does not care about the opinions of others about him.This means that you will be much more pleasant companion, if you do not pay attention to trifles.How do you know that little thing, and that - an intolerable insult?The Council can there be one: instead of endlessly scrolling unpleasant situation in your mind, focus on how to objectively assess the situation, looking at it from the side - as if it took place with strangers, not you personally.Learn to trust your intuition.

3. You always drive yourself as a victim.

Nobody likes people who are always complaining.To behave like a victim - it means to recognize their helplessness in the face of reality.

If you want to surround you loved and appreciated your attention, you should at least sometimes for them to become Life-coachers, a man who can give useful advice.

4. You accumulate a pain.

most difficult and important skill you have to develop, - the ability to forgive.Release is stalking you a feeling of resentment, anger and loss.Learn to let go of uncomfortable situations and move on.

Nobody wants to double evening with someone who constantly complains about people who offended him a few weeks ago.

5. You obsessive negative thinking.

People love to talk about the unfairness of life and play in my head the worst scenario.But you should not become hostage to such behavior.Although, if only because no one wants to constantly talk about the war, economic problems and hardships of the "common people."

People who stubbornly refuse to see the positive side of life, exhausting.Pessimism - a prison for the brain.I like to go to prison?Sit alone!

6. Emotional self-control - it's not about you.

If you are not able to control their emotions in stressful situations, you need to know: this is a big problem.People who break for any reason, and people who are literally in tears at any sentimental situation, not like almost anyone.

If you lose your peace of mind several times a day for any reason, start to do something to get rid of this syndrome.It is said to help meditation, sports, yoga, spa treatments.Try them in that order.

7. You judge people superficially.

familiar with the man for five minutes, and already made about him whole opinion?If this happens to you on a regular basis, it speaks only of your superficiality.And inattention to detail.World - complex characters of the people - all the more difficult.Refuse from the regular pattern of thinking and pandering to stereotypes.

8. You lack empathy and compassion.

cruelty and lack of empathy.These traits are not unique serial maniacs and criminals.If you are so fixated on her, do not perceive the suffering and feelings of others, it is not surprising that you have a few friends.

9. You cut away the moral angle - just because you can afford it.

Hoax - it's always your choice, not a bug and not an excuse.If you decide to cheat someone, then subconsciously you think this man a fool.And no one likes to look like an idiot in the eyes of others!

By default, all the people are set to trust each other.Suspicion arises where fraud has been committed.Although, of course, you can not know what you got to the core.

not commit immoral simply because you can do it.Be honest to ourselves and to the rest of the world.Honesty and openness are always captivating.

10. You hide the truth.

People can not establish close contact with you if you are always something to keep back.And do not even try to hide the fact that some things leave with him.

If you feel as though you - the fish just out of water, your task - to find water again, but not cease to be a fish.Be yourself and do no one could hide.Sincerity - is captivating.

11. Are you constantly checking - and all.

People who are constantly monitoring the others and want to know everything, great tire.That way you can get caught up in the need to constantly prove to himself and the rest of its usefulness.Do not take any unnatural action in order to please others.Do not be jealous of your new (and old too) to other friends.Do not follow them.And not figure out why the last time you were not invited to someone's birthday.

12. You - a stubborn perfectionist.

Like any other person you probably have their notions of hypothetical, and statistical state of perfection.We are always looking for the perfect home, the perfect job, the perfect partner or the perfect lover.The problem here, of course, is that perfection does not exist.

life - a journey.In the sense that you have to accept the fact that everything, everywhere and always changing.You yourself are changing.Your ideal home early once or pozddno stop you like, and your "bad" new work may eventually start to be fun.And more money than you originally expected.

People usually do not like perfectionists - for their stubbornness and unwillingness tediousness "face the truth".

Now, when you read it, you probably know what to do.But remember, these "unhealthy" traits to some extent inherent in everyone.So do not try to get rid of all at once.Otherwise ... See. №12.

Author: Konstantin Shiyan