Why dream of a broken nose

One of the symbols of the dream with which the people usually associated troubles, teaching, and surprises - the nose.If you had a broken nose, this dream should be given special attention.Why dream of a broken nose, can be understood by analyzing the meaning of the symbols that are quite varied and interesting.Let's consider some of them:

- a dream in which his nose itches, warns you of the dangers and difficult situations;

- see the nose of the interlocutor, who's stopping you to focus: the symbol warns you of hasty decisions, because in the near future, you will learn new details of the case are important to you;

- own nose means that you can afford to cope with any task, broken nose - when performing tasks you will face serious difficulties;

- in the dream your dream became smaller: the failure in cases;

- the hair on the bow: you are waiting for an unusual undertaking where your strength and spirit will help achieve this goal;
- bleeding from the nose is considered a sign of misery and unhappiness.

Dreams Freud.Nose - a bright ancient phallic symbol.The size and thickness of the desired mean size, the appropriate settings of the penis.Broken nose shows your tireless in sex.Nosebleeds talk about serious intentions of the partner.

If a man dreams of his own nose, and he focuses on that all his attention - talking about addiction to masturbation.The same dream, but for a woman, is that she likes to fantasize on erotic themes, but decide on an embodiment of his dreams in reality it does not have the courage.

If a man is interested in a dream someone else's nose - a dream tells about the hidden homosexuality.Women interested in someone else's dream nose - it has a hidden desire to enter into an intimate relationship with a specific person, it does not take the initiative awaiting action from the partner.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation: a broken nose, unusual, or large curve, urges caution in the use of alcoholic beverages.There is the risk of getting poisoned or do stupid things in a state of intoxication.The nose looks in the glass - portends a drunken feast.Dumps nose - your debauchery will bring you diseases and ailments, a man without a nose - a threat to your life, the animal with the missing nose - says about your allergies to pets, who lives with c you.

Dreams medium Hoss.Big nose - portends the imminent acquisition of wealth and patronage of influential people, small - in relation to you will be done some injustice.Red Nose - a hazard, a broken nose and broken - warning of an ambush or a trap.The loss of the nose - to divorce, bent - unfortunately.A dream in which you are led by the nose, warns that in reality you rashly got involved in some dubious business or in the process.

By Tsvetkov, dream interpretation broken nose treats as a harbinger of wealth, small - is unfair to you attitude.The loss of the nose in a dream - to large losses (divorce or death).Grabbing someone's nose - success in love affairs.

"Dream book from A to Z".Why dream of a broken nose - traps set by enemies, bleeding broken - a disagreement with a partner, failure in business.Dreamed unnaturally big nose - you will have a patronage that will help achieve these goals, the little button nose - you expect betrayal and injustice.Drunkard with a red nose - be careful, your health is at stake.A cold nose - an accident, wipe it - freedom from trouble or unpleasant person.The hair in the nose - a thoughtless act that you can take to bring your family a great misfortune, threaded nose ornaments - awaits the unbridled wrath of their superiors.A man with a missing nose foretells complications with her husband (wife), that can cause a divorce.If you "lead" in a dream by the nose - you cruelly deceived.