The most famous Undiscovered treasures

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media regularly writes about how somebody somewhere lucky - found a treasure!That poor farmer on his tillage plowed field, suddenly finds a pot of gold coins;then right in the middle of a huge city like nowhere there is a secret room full of relics of the past.

Or suddenly turns out that decades of wallowing in the attic, fly-bitten ... brush painting belongs to the great masters, and potential buyers are willing to get rich by its current owner.List can be long, but it's just a waste of time.And in fact, of such news can be a very correct conclusion: treasures on earth (and in the ground, under water, and in attics and basements) are still very much enough for everyone to find them, the main thing - the right to take up the search.

Here we tell you all about a few really existing and yet no one gave the treasures.

One of them is in the US, and its host is considered to be fairly well-known in the last century a gangster named Dutch Schultz.

Schultz earned big money, selling whiskey to drink thirsty just at the very time when drinking is strictly prohibited.He lived quite grasping for a gangster because amassed considerable sums.

But at some point the Dutchman felt that it remained at liberty to walk quite a bit.And so, shortly before his arrest, Schultz put away all their savings - from five to ten million dollars - in an iron box that buried somewhere in the Catskill Mountains (New York).

federal authorities who arrested the Dutchman, made a big stupidity.At first, they caught him, then - the judge, quick shot, and only then realized it - it turns out, no one except the Schultz did not know where the hidden money.

As already mentioned, this treasure exactly exist, and until now no one has found.So that those who live in the immediate vicinity of Catskill, a chance, making regular Sunday walks in the mountains, tangible wealth.

«golden» suitcase

But, as we know, not all of our readers have private apartments in New York or somewhere nearby.And because we consider our options of searching, domestic treasures, their blessing is enough.

One such unfound treasures without a doubt can be considered as a suitcase with gold or Bosporus, as it is called, - "gold" suitcase.Here is his story.In 1926, in the Crimea, in the Gothic burial archaeologists have discovered a number of gold and silver coins of the Bosporus during the reign of King Mithridates of Pontus (120-63 gg. BC), plus the Genoese, Byzantine and Turkish coins and a great variety of jewelry III-V centuries AD.e.All this wealth has been transferred in the Kerch Historical and Archaeological Museum, and kept there until the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

In September 1941, when the city had actually shelled by enemy artillery, the museum director Yuri Marty put all the treasures of the Bosporus a total weight of about 80 kilograms of black plywood suitcase and taking out his documents as "Label №15», posted on the value of the ferryMainland.Suitcase safely reached the city of Armavir and stayed there as long as the building where it was kept, not the bombing has turned into ruins.

long time treasures were considered missing, but in 1982 it became clear that the suitcase and its contents are not affected, and were handed over to the partisans in the quiet village of Otradnaya district of Krasnodar region.And that's where his guerrillas Delhi - is another question.It is believed that they buried jewelery somewhere in the village.There also need to look Bosporus gold.

Trucks from the Smolensk Bank

next treasure will certainly appeal to the inhabitants of Smolensk.His story also refers to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

At the beginning of August 1941 a convoy of eight trucks hastily transported valuables from Smolensk bank Vyazma.However, the way the column was fired.

Some witnesses even claim to have seen how out of the truck, which was round in all directions scattered shiny coins, but, as we understand, at that time people were not up to the coin - to save lives.

As a result, the nearest village Otnosovo drive only five trucks and the rest somewhere disappeared.Vyazma had already been invaded by the Germans, and therefore head of the column, most likely made a decision: to burn paper money and gold and silver to dig up the best times.Why "probably"?Because there was no one alive of the participants of the events.After the war, local people found in the surroundings of Otnosovo set of silver coins release of 1924, never were in circulation - obviously they were the remains of the bombed-out vehicles.But the main treasure - gold bars of Smolensk Bank - have not been found.

Gangster Petersburg

Treasure Lyonka Panteleyev - a magical dream of all search engines Petersburg.Cheka Officer Leonid Panteleyev after him in 1922 was expelled from work for some not quite revolutionary antics, I decided to live on his own.In the end, he gained dubious fame desperate and very lucky thief.

However, it was not without a mixture of criminal nobility - in particular, he had just robbed fattened Nepmen, the proletariat does not touch him.Anyway, so says the legend of thieves.But former colleagues Panteleev did not appreciate his noble impulses and taking Lyonka after another in the case of thieves "raspberry", planted in "Crosses".

lucky former security officer or someone from old friends helped - is unknown, but Panteleyev managed to escape from the "cross" (he was the first and only criminal who did it), and then spat on the nobility and began to plunder all in a row, despite theOrigin and services to the revolution.Now before Panteleyev it was a clear goal: like Ostap Bender, he decided to get hold of the maximum amount of gold and jewels and escape abroad in the warm coast some there Rio de Janeiro.

Two months bandit managed to make 35 raids, and each raid brought him gold chains, rings, bracelets, watches and other valuables.But, as Ostap Bender, Lyonka unable to realize their dreams - February 12, 1923 he tried to hold up and shot.And that's where he kept his treasures, learn and failed.

cost panteleevskogo treasure is estimated at about 150 thousand dollars.Presumably, the famous bandit hid the loot in the basement of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery or in the catacombs near Ligovsky Prospect.

Igor Nikitin

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