Interactive shop windows and floors

modern competition in the field of advertising encourages companies to invest finances in developing more and more new technologies, introduction of new advertising media.And one of the kinds of advanced advertising technologies become interactive system.

interactive surface have unique functionality.They perfectly attract attention, cause the formation of a positive drive for the buyer and offer new positive impression to make the purchase.Information can be projected on a screen located inside the windows directly on the floor or on the trading floor.

displayed on the projection interface allows the user via the feet or hands to control the presentation.It is not visible sensors or any wires.One simply touching the window controls and visuals.This forms a positive interest.

as the image in the window advertising technology allows you to display multimedia presentations, games, websites, catalogs, list of services, and others. By controlling the presentation, the potential client can get a va

riety of additional information.

Interactive systems perfectly attract the attention of buyers.They can be used for navigation in airports, banks, shopping malls, museums, cinemas, office centers.They can provide information on the location of the goods or offices.If you place an interactive surface in the lobby of the company, you can display data on the activities of the organization.The system can display a variety of information - maps, graphs, reports, layouts and presentations of various projects, information on the achievements of the organization, an individual person.Interactive systems can be displayed on the external display cases, involve in the process of playing video presentations or passers-by.

This advertising technology allows the implementation of an interactive floor display system.It allows you to spend unforgettable promotions.While shopping potential buyers become party to this adventure.

Another interesting way to convey information about the company, which provides this advertising technology - interactive MediaKniga.In this system, the image is projected on a fake book, made of plastic.The visitor will be able to leaf through and read this virtual book, use bookmarks.