The exercise program for 3 days per week: tips and tricks

athletic trainers are often asked about how to build muscle and generally thin one person in particular.To this end, we developed special training complexes of exercises.If you have a lean physique is even easier to achieve the desired results because it does not need to work on burning fat.This article describes an exemplary training program for 3 days.

Memo beginners

For the most effective and, last but not least, secure the result of exercise is essential the correct organization of the training process.Very often, beginners can not wait to see myself in the updated body, so they start to train 3 times a day, to neglect safety rules and overly zealous with employment.As a result, instead of pleasure and the desired effect are injured, tension and frustration.


Human nature is created so that to perform any task that requires long-term cost forces people need motivation.Otherwise, the ardor cools rapidly.The exercise program for 3 days a week and is listed by such problems.With regard to sporting activities can recommend the following.It is necessary to have a table in which you will enter weekly measurements of parameters of the body.The starting point will be the size of shot before starting training.Keep in mind that any significant changes will be seen only after training for about three months.

How do the exercises

for proper tempo training is recommended for beginners classic combination - 3 days a week of hard training with the involvement of all muscle groups.With such intensity the body will have time to recover and be pumped.Bunch called the term "split" - training plan for 3 days.Split provides exercises in three sets of eight to ten repetitions with three-minute breaks between sets.Before the start of classes is necessarily spent fifteen-minute warm-up, followed by Pumping - the first exercise of complex repeated twenty times with a small weight to heat and rush of blood to the muscles.The following elements have carried out with the workers weights.The duration of training should not be more than one and a half hours.

duration of the program

Generally, for maximum effect training program for 3 days developed a progressive movement forward.This means that a certain set of exercises performed for two months, and then the program should be changed.This is necessary to avoid habituation muscles to a constant mean stresses that will slow down or stop the development of muscle mass.

muscle recovery

The concept of muscle recovery is not only the resumption of energy supplies, but also the reconstruction of their cells.To conduct effective training athletes are two rules:

  • one muscle group training one day a week;
  • break between workouts range from 48 to 96 hours.

This break allows the body to develop glycogen to replenish spent stocks.Recovery of cells occurs within about two weeks - this depends on the characteristics of the organism.The exercise program for 3 days per week includes not only intensive training, but also a complete rest.

Proper nutrition

main factor, without which it is impossible to get even a small visible results, is properly organized power.The training program for 3 days includes strict observance of nutritional advice that ensures the success of employment by about 70 percent.General requirements - to exclude from the use of fatty, sweet, fried, pastry and drink plenty of fluids.

menu thin

exemplary diet for lean people can propose the following form:

  1. for breakfast consume a couple of boiled eggs, oatmeal or buckwheat, whole grain breads and juice.
  2. Lunch may consist of fruit or vegetables and protein shakes.
  3. Lunch should consist of a meat or fish dish with rice or potato garnish.
  4. At lunch, you can repeat variant lunch.
  5. for dinner to eat meat dish with rice or potatoes and juice.
  6. For half an hour before bedtime need to eat cheese and drink a glass of protein shake.

As you can see, the menu for lean people can hardly be called a diet, rather it is a kind of diet to achieve the result of athletic training.Tips on nutrition, as well as training program for 3 days per week, should be observed strictly.

What will train

major muscle groups involved in the three-day classic Split are:

  • deltoids,
  • caviar,
  • triceps,
  • chest muscles,
  • forearm,
  • dorsi,
  • Press,
  • thigh (quadriceps),
  • biceps.

Training for thin people in order to build muscle - this is the so-called "program on weight", 3 days a week are divided into classes with different groups of muscles.

basic exercises used in training

for training the chest muscles can recommend the following:

  1. good basic exercise is lying dumbbell presses.They are evenly loaded pectoral muscles and are well suited for beginners.
  2. to study the upper chest muscles ideal mode on an incline.When it is running, you can alternate between barbells and dumbbells.
  3. One of the best exercises for the lower thoracic region of the pump is backward on an incline bench presses.
  4. For a good drawing and bulking lower chest fit dips.
  5. good stretch muscles are simple push.

For classes with back muscles fit such training:

  1. One of the most effective for latissimus pull rod is considered to be in a tilted position of the body.
  2. To develop the same muscle is also included in the curriculum wide grip pull-up.For those who are able to perform more than a dozen repetitions, you can add an additional complication.
  3. also well designed back traction vertical block to the chest.

to exercise thigh muscle recommend the following classes:

  1. best for this purpose - squats.If done correctly, this exercise in extreme position the thigh should be parallel to the floor.It is working very well and increases the mass of the quadriceps leg.
  2. for the development of hamstring and quadriceps perform deep lunges with weights.
  3. to work deep hamstring doing leg curl on the simulator.

Exercising the biceps:

  1. general developmental exercise for this muscle group is considered to be lifting the bar on the biceps.To ensure proper foot put on the width of the shoulders, the same distance takes to grip the bar.The projectile is lowered gently to avoid pain.For the first time will feel the tension in the forearms.
  2. «Peak» create muscles lifting dumbbell biceps on an incline bench.This exercise is most effective when it is running regularly.
  3. for diversity training can apply pulling reverse grip.

to shape deltoid recommend the following classes:

  1. best in the bench press is considered the head of the rod.
  2. To give your muscles various loads, you can use the bar presses standing.
  3. for more detailed deltoid shoulder presses with dumbbells are ideal in a seated position.
  4. final exercise in a series of shoulder can serve well through ups of hands with dumbbells.

for training abdominal muscles should be carried out following complex:

  1. basic exercises - twisting lying.It can be performed both on a smooth and on a sloping surface.
  2. order not to spoil the waist are recommended to carry out oblique twist.
  3. to stimulate the lower press will be effective leg raises.

shaping forearms help these exercises:

  1. to give a good amount of this group of muscles fit barbell curls in the wrists.
  2. reverse side of the forearm will work hand in flexion at the wrist with a bar taken reverse grip.

To develop calf muscles, enough to climb on your toes while sitting or standing, with the use of weights.

pumped trapezius muscle is such an exercise like shrugs - raise the shoulders to the presence of weights in his hands.It can be performed with dumbbells and barbell.The shells can be kept in the performance of both the front and rear.In finding his shoulders in the upper position to pause before lowering.Exercise should be carried out without making circular motions shoulders.

program for beginners

training program for 3 days a week, consists of two splits that need to alternate on a weekly basis.

Split number 1

Monday - training the chest, triceps press:

  • presses rod lying (on the bench);
  • French presses;
  • presses the bar to narrow seizure;
  • presses with dumbbells lying or sitting on an incline bench;
  • twisting the body lying on the bench.

Wednesday - work back, biceps, forearms, press:

  • horizontal traction unit;
  • thrust rod in a tilted position of the body;
  • pull body spread wide his hands;
  • lifting barbell biceps;
  • bend wrists to the pole;
  • climbs straight legs in the supine position.

Friday - exercises for the legs and deltoids:

  • squats;
  • extension legs lying on the simulator;
  • rise on your toes with the weight;
  • dumbbell bench presses in a sitting position;
  • barbell presses behind the head while sitting;
  • ups widely across the side arms with dumbbells;
  • twisting in the block.

Split number 2

Monday - training the chest, triceps press:

  • presses dumbbell lying on the bench;
  • rod presses on an inclined plane;
  • mix of hands on a simulator;
  • dips (elbows along the body);
  • bench triceps in vertical section;
  • climbs straight legs in the supine position.

Wednesday - back, biceps, forearms, press:

  • vertical thrust to the chest block in position "a grip";
  • thrust one arm dumbbell;
  • lifts dumbbells for biceps sitting;
  • barbell curls in the wrists, reverse grip;
  • twisting in the block.

Friday - legs and Delta:

  • leg press;
  • dead craving;
  • leg flexion in the simulator;
  • lifting legs sitting on your toes;
  • standing barbell presses;
  • presses with dumbbells sitting;
  • layout of dumbbells in the slope;
  • climbs straight legs lying.

The exercises that use heavy missiles, there is fear, it is desirable partner.

for dieters and girls

This complex is universal and can be used as a training program for 3 days a week for weight loss.In this case the exercises are performed with small scale and short breaks between sets.The diet should include more protein foods, drink up to three liters of fluid a day, the last evening meal - not later than three hours before bedtime.Sleep recuperation should have a duration of not less than seven hours.

training program for 3 days for a girl a little different due to the nature of the female body.Exercises are the same, but the number of sets increases to 5 and repetitions - 15 break between sets - for 30 seconds.In the first half of the female cycle uses the maximum load, in the second they are slightly reduced.