General characteristics and meaning of the name Lyudmila

origin of the name Lyudmila in Russia is connected with the literary works in the era of romanticism.The girls began to call the same name in the middle of the twentieth century, but then it reached the peak of its popularity.Since the late 1980s, it includes a list of names, which is often called baby girls, because the value of the name Lyudmila really noble - sweet people.The popularity it enjoys in the beginning of the XXI century.

diminutive form: Luda, Lyudochka, Lyudmilka, Lyudochek, Mila, Honey, Lyudushka, Lucy.Name Day September 29 marks.

Characteristics and significance of the name Lyudmila

Little girls with this name differ incredible cleanliness.From an early age they have to want to help my mother with the housework, they are especially interested in cooking.At school, Luda - exemplary student, the lessons of work - her favorite subject.Crafts for the girls is not only a hobby, it fills her life with meaning.Among friends girl Luda is not a leader, and not seeking.But she would never go on about others, always adhere to personal opinion.

Grown Lyudmila very persistent.If taken for any business, it is sure to bring it to the end.If something does not work, it can work on the study of the problem.Quality work is appreciated Lyudmila paramount.But at the same time as a young girl begins to show it is not the best feature - the duality of nature.It combines the strength and weakness, joy and sadness sudden, courtesy and rudeness.On the other hand, the value of the name Lyudmila since childhood helps to gain an analytical mind, because it is constantly trying to balance these qualities.She cleverly conceals its sensitivity without letting grow her passion.

Mystery named Lyudmila is that it is difficult to call a woman with a strong character.It can greatly offended, apparently to show displeasure, but at the same time quickly takes himself in hand.This balance has a positive effect on her relationships with men.About Ludmila marriage begins to think even from an early age, this is the reason for its skeptical judgment.She clearly sees the line between permitted and forbidden, never seeks to transcendental goals.Perhaps that is why she is very seriously preparing themselves for marriage and early marriage.But wearing a wedding ring and separated from parents, Lyudmila faced with the problem of relations and mutual understanding with her husband.Accustomed to idealize everything and plan carefully, it can not come to terms with other people's shortcomings.Even if her man will fully comply with the set requirements, it is sure to find something to complain about.If all of a sudden happen divorce Lyudmila does not give himself a long time to grieve and worry about it.Maternal instinct pushes her to find a new husband.

perseverance and diplomacy Lyudmila allow to realize themselves in their careers.But the habit for a long time to think about every decision can lead to a serious error.And having achieved success, she clearly knows what efforts have been made and who deserves praise with it.Value Name Lyudmila says its peaceful and ambition, so a deficit of communication, it does not test.