Dangerous if the Crimean centipede and how to fight?

«What a centipede!" - So often behind the eyes say about malicious people differ nasty character in general and particularly cunning.Word ends with the letter "a", and therefore more likely to address the unflattering definition of women.In the original sense it is not a curse, and an insect that is considered exotic.By the way, the female actually poisonous, but it applies to most species of insects.

Scolopendra as a kind

In fact, the most striking representatives of this species live in warm tropical countries.Some species can reach a length of two and a half tenths of a meter, they prey on lizards, frogs, mice, and if lucky, and birds.Comprising the creature as if from a single ringed segments equipped with legs, the amount of which may vary from two dozen to 23 pairs (greater amount is not fixed).This functional load are always front and hind limbs.With hind legs centipede clings to anything that has got to stay, and she grabs the front and stings its prey, and then slowly and carefully consume food.The insect is a multi-legged "poison factory", which contains a variety of bioactive compounds, by histamine and lecithin to serotonin and acetylcholine.Acute reaction to the bite usually lasts up to two hours, it is painful, accompanied by edema, general weakness and fever.

Exotic insects and Latino residents of tropical islands is difficult to surprise.But in our country they occur.For example, the Crimean Scolopendra cingulata common, as is clear from its title, to the glorious Black Sea peninsula.


This insect is considered ugly.But not all share the view of its unattractiveness.Scientists involved in the study of species, it may be noted admiringly: "What a magnificent copy!", Considering especially large specimens.And the beings of the opposite sex are some of their colleagues may seem quite attractive.In all the other Crimean centipede repellent impression that it, however, very frustrating.In the adult stage in length it reaches ten, sometimes fifteen centimeters.Outwardly, it looks like a caterpillar, equipped with optional "options" in the form of a plurality of legs and arms protruding menacingly.Colour - militaristic, closest to the shade of khaki, olive-brown or brownish, indicating that the accepted in the world of insects graduation unwillingness to conflict and a desire to creep in secret, and then disappear.

Camouflage and disguise

She knows how to hide and disguise, the Crimean and dangerous centipede.Photos insect demonstrates its low visibility on the common natural colors of the subtropics.Being a non-aggressive by nature, she is easily frightened, and despite threatening look.The reaction becomes a special allocation of poisonous substances, sticky and hot.Mucus This causes itching, burning and allergies, especially in people who are prone to painful reactions to toxins.It is fear of touches, not to mention the more intimate contact.To avoid this unpleasant meeting with centipede difficult precisely because of her good disguise and usages of this insect to seek refuge wherever they can hide from the light.

Finding refuge

Crimean centipede is of particular danger to turistov- "savages", traveling with tents.Sleeping somewhere on Tarkhankut, we should not forget that the tent needs to be closed, leaving only a zipped mesh canopy.Shoes, not too much will turn over and shake shoes or sneakers, and then look into them.Inspect necessary and sleeping bag, and all things underclothes.Insect activity occurs only at night, in the morning it is trying to hide in a place poukromnee to sit out there all day.If there is no tent with tourists, this big centipede just digs into soft ground (come and sand), but the desire for excessive comfort is harmful not only for the people.Once there visitors, the insect tries to find a place more comfortable.Unfortunately, the Crimean centipede does not understand the purpose of things and mistakenly believe that they are not needed during daylight hours.Meeting with people leads to a mutual trouble.

Bite skolopendry

Mucous discharge skolopendry in contact with human skin cause unpleasant consequences, but it is not the only or the main means of its self-defense.It still stings.The consequence of the bite becomes severe swelling, swelling, and allergy happens even those who have never suffered it.You should not unduly frightened, and even more panic, poison skolopendry in most cases is not fatal.Maybe that's why humanity is not worried about the development of an antidote, and did not even come up with any special treatment in the event of a bite.A couple of days maybe more, then go away by itself - that is the main recommendation.In exceptional cases you need to seek medical help, and then the doctor will prescribe a course, taking into account the characteristics of the body of the victim, which has, as a rule, allergic problems, which caused the aggravation, that not wishing, Crimean centipede.Yet we must remember that the most "lethal force" its venom up in May, then it becomes weaker.

Scolopendra Crimean house.What to do?

reptile loves this style.If there is a choice between an open terrain or human habitation, it will choose the latter.Enter the house it is easy, flexible body and a plurality of legs allow to get into the gap under the door to dive or dive out the window.But what faces the Crimean centipede immediately after the housewarming, it is with hostility "indigenous inhabitants" of humans and animals.Insect is usually impressive size, and hide their presence it is difficult, wherever it beat, and the tail will stick out.The neighborhood is definitely unpleasant.

should highlight on the unfortunate fact that conventional insecticides act poorly on the creation, which is itself actively produces poisons.I do not want to touch the hand of such a hideous monster as Crimean centipede.How to get rid of it unscathed?

best to just slam it with something heavy, considering, of course, its extraordinary vitality.Even with injuries incompatible with life, insect long meanders, scary waving its tail and venomous front paws.

second way - to cover the centipede with something heavy, like a glass jar and watch her slow death from hunger and thirst.

prevention of these unpleasant centipedes is to maintain dryness in the housing, without water they can not.