How can I use the maternity capital: options

How can I use the maternity capital, many moms think.Maternal capital - a financial support to families in which there is a second or subsequent child.Decision on payments moms came in 2006.Already in 2007, we began to issue certificates on the capital.The program is valid until January 31, 2015.Will the continuation of the "banquet" is unknown.

to enable women to exercise their right, it is necessary to apply to the Pension Fund application identification mom and a copy of birth certificate for all children, birth certificate mom, pension insurance certificate SNILS (the documents are processed in the Pension Fund), if necessary, to providea certificate from the registrar of the first marriage and divorce certificate.All received a certificate, now we have to think about where to spend the maternity capital.

Maternal capital of twins double the amount does not pay.The certificate will only receive one of the kids.If since 2007 the family has already received the capital and later, and a third child was born, he did not fall under this program.This is a one-time assistance.On longer count is not necessary.

There are families who have been able to use the right tools for the implementation of the certificate.But many still think of how to use the maternity capital.Options have been fixed by law in 2006, since then changes have occurred.Moms can the money to find a solution to their housing problem, leave all or part of the equity in the education of the child (not so important, what, the money can teach and older).This sum can be put on the mother's retirement account for the formation of her pension (the most incredible choice for Russians).A small portion of $ 12,000 for 2008-2010, certificates can be obtained cash.Now this is not.Cashing the entire amount - an offense for which you can get a heavy fine or even a real prison term, the risk is not worth it, they fell into different adventures.Caught - will not find it.

The funny thing is that the financial assistance seems rather big.In 2007, it amounted to 250 thousand, and in 2013 - already 430. But there is one small caveat.The money can not be touched for 3 years.And 250 thousand sample of 2007 are very different from 250 thousand in 2010.Therefore, mothers are still wondering how to use the maternity capital that it has brought tangible benefits.

If this mortgage, for many Russian cities of 250-300 thousand not pull even on the first payment.This is so only as a snack.Studying in higher education since 2010 is at least 300,000, in addition, student paysite need to feed and clothe, he has to live somewhere.Again, it turns out that only the support of his pants.But on the pension savings at all to say ridiculous.Who are the Russians believe that he will retire and actually get funded part?At the moment, it is the same, that the promise of the Communist Party of the Soviet that each person will have their own apartment in 2000.

On the other hand, extra money does not happen.Even small.And how can you use the maternity capital can and should be solved.