How to avoid jealousy between children

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In families where more than one child is growing, sibling rivalry - a phenomenon very often, and many parents believe that it is almost inevitable, no matter whether they are heterosexual or gay children, the weather, or having a significant age difference.

However, experts in the field believe that the child's jealousy can be, if not completely prevent, or at least minimize, and take care that the brothers and sisters did not feed each other hostility.

Of course, each case should be treated separately, but still experts give some advice that can be useful in almost any parents.

Council first : every family member should carry out all the children the same amount of time and try to emphasize that the love he has for the children - the same.

Council second : is organized for the children time together is equally interesting for all, and in any case, do not force children to him.If one of the sisters or brothers want to do other things - should he let it.

Council third : in any case can not be compared between children themselves, in terms of advantages and disadvantages.Even innocent at first glance, the parent remark like, "You're doing it wrong, your brother comes out better," may kindle in the hearts of the children hate each other.

Council fourth : buying gifts to children, should focus on the taste of each child, but at the same time adhere to the following rules: gifts should be more or less equal in the eyes of children.For example, if you give one child a great gift, produced the second, too, must be of similar size.

Tip Five : you can not meet the request of one child at the expense of the request of another.For example, if you promised a child to go with him anywhere, you can not give up just because of this that the second child asks for it in this day and hour to take him to the movies.The promise made to the first to be executed.

sixth Council : not shift responsibility for younger children to seniors, if they do not want it.It is necessary to involve older children to care for younger, but do not force them to such actions.

Articles Source: MamaInfo