Net exports

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Export - determination which characterizes the export of goods or services from the country.It is supposed to sell its products on the international market on a commercial basis.The amount of the value of exports is set, usually for a year.Determining the price is not dependent on the period in respect of the contract or agreement made export sales.

Net exports - is the ad valorem rate, which expresses the algebraic difference between imports and exports of goods and services.This difference is formed under a particular period.Due to the fact that the compensation of the imbalance in international trade industrial goods at the expense of consumer goods, net export displayed by the latter.Thus, under this concept understand the excess of the international "sales" of consumer goods over their "buy."Most States is committed to ensuring that exports prevailed over imports.However, this can not please everyone.

negative net exports is accompanied by excess of imports over exports.Once in a country of its money becomes convertible currency at the international level, they will start to spread not only be due to the prevalence of "buy" on the "sell", but also because of other States of the loan directly in the currency of that country.Going national currency convertible possible for any rich powers, which carries out free trade with many countries in the world and does not generate unnecessary customs barriers to protect domestic producers.At the same time the other in the exercise of a trade between rich countries used currency.

In the long run the excess of imports and net exports are not possible in principle.This is due to the fact that no one will be a long period of continuous sell "in debt."Practice shows that net exports over a long period makes the lender with respect to other countries.With the predominance of imports from the state image of the external debt.

If you have over a certain reporting period, net exports of goods part of consumers is withdrawn from the domestic market.In this sphere of consumption has already received for this part of income.Thus, total revenue will share a portion of the benefits that remained of sales on the domestic market.The result is inflation, the rate of which is equal to the percentage to which net exports is related to national income this period.

for industries difference "sale" and "purchase" in the national currency, as well as the budget deficit, an additional income.

Net exports formed within the state compete in foreign markets.He is accompanied by a certain expansion of the market for the sale of goods of industrial and personal use.This is due to the net additional benefits.

In primary exceeded imports in the domestic market made "infusion" of additional volume of consumer goods.On acquisition of the income is spent sphere of consumption.As a result, the entire volume produced over the period of benefits for production purposes will be spent the remaining part.Thus, a deflation.Its level is the percentage ratio of net exports to national income.

When importing tools for production purposes in the country carried out the production of a large volume of consumer goods, which is equivalent to their import.

This formed the foreign debt.Its content is associated with additional costs.These costs may be covered only by producing more goods for export consumption sphere.