Getting rid of stretch marks on thighs and other body parts?

Stretch marks are scars that accompany the hormonal changes in the body (during lactation, pregnancy) at too rapid transition to a different weight class.

The appearance of stretch marks is due to the low elasticity of the skin and is very influential in this matter hereditary factor.Too rapid stretching of the skin results in the breakdown of tissues in the most exposed areas of the body.

How to get rid of stretch marks on the thighs?

course, remove, wash, wipe and just get rid of those unsightly light strips that are cosmetic defects of the skin, every woman wants.To help in the difficult struggle with this persistent enemy come not only folk and cosmetics, and surgery.

question "How to get rid of stretch marks on thighs?" Worries women more often.After all, the hip - is the most common place of scarring.

Pregnancy - is the most common cause of stretch marks on the woman's body.But we can prevent them.Here are some tips to help your skin stay smooth and even after pregnancy:

- balanced diet.The old saying "you two, and it is necessary to eat for two" - is the biggest misconception.It is important to the quality of food rather than its quantity.So better have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein-containing dairy products and instead give preference to baked goods.

- towel and water to help preserve the beauty of the breast.Special supportive bra will not allow to deform the breast, gently supporting her.

- a supportive belt-bandage will not give the skin to stretch and crack.

- there is a lot of physical exercises, designed specifically for pregnant women.These classes are oriented including improving skin elasticity, which in turn favorably affects the maintenance of its integrity.

How to remove stretch marks on the body if they are already there?

Doctors say their skin free from this defect completely under the power of a laser.But there are enough different kinds of cosmetic products that maximize the effect of smooth ugly scars.

First of all, it concerns the scrubs.At the heart of the home scrub are salt, sugar, ground coffee or coffee grounds, and vegetable / olive oil or cream.All components are mixed, and the resulting mixture was applied in the same way as a conventional scrub tube.

wondering how to get rid of stretch marks on hips, women came up with a variety of rubbing that help improve skin elasticity and visibly obscure the defective skin manifestations.For rubbing used vegetable oils, natural fruit juices and extracts of various herbs.

well proven mummy.It has beneficial effects on the skin, not only saving her from cellulite, but also significantly reduce the size of stretch marks all over her body.But the mummy should be taken only in its pure form.Tableted lost almost all of its healing properties.

Massage - this kind of panacea - also makes a significant contribution to the fight against skin defects.If you are thinking about how to remove stretch marks on the buttocks, thighs, chest, waist, make sure you sign up for a massage.Strong hands of a professional masseur do wonders.To return the elasticity of your skin, and you will lose weight after a course of massage.

How to get rid of stretch marks on hips in a beauty salon?

The offices are offered a wide range of treatments that are designed to deliver the people from this ugly problem.Among aromatherapy, hot and cold wraps, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy and you will find mesotherapy, ozone-oxygen therapy, chemical peels, and, of course, laser resurfacing.

Some women use the services of skin grafts, but this is a drastic measure to eliminate the disadvantage of stretching.