Acute otitis externa, and: the treatment of adults

ear infections are very unpleasant and quite dangerous for its complications.If a man showed otitis media, the treatment of adult patients should be as comprehensive and thorough as in children.It should be noted that the disease requires mandatory consultation of the doctor.

Otitis: symptoms and causes of

If the doctor diagnoses "otitis media", the treatment of adults begins with a definition of its characteristics and determine the factors that could trigger the development of disease.So, pathology can appear as a result of infectious processes in the nasopharynx.The fact that the bacteria is fast and easy to penetrate the ear through the eustachian tube.Another cause of otitis media may be ear canal injury (caused by inappropriate cleaning).

The surest way to eliminate such diseases as otitis media - treatment.In adults, it is produced after determining the symptoms.The first manifestation of the disease becomes a pain in the ear, which eventually increases and a shooting character.Otitis externa is manifested by the following symptoms:

- swelling of the ear;

- a slight rise in body temperature;

- aching.

acute form of the disease being rather difficult, as all signs are amplified, and the person loses the capacity for work, he noted fatigue.If found otitis externa treatment in adults involves the execution of simple procedures.The main thing - to prevent the transition to chronic disease or its spread inside the ear.

Features resolve otitis

first step is to eliminate the cause of a disease.For example, if you have a cold, laryngitis, sinusitis, try to quickly get rid of the infection.Naturally, the treatment should be carried out under the supervision of Lore.As regards the duration of disease, it is about 10 days, depending on its weight and shape.

drugs and procedures

treatment of otitis externa in adults carried out using antibiotic drops ("Normaks") or ointments ("Vishnevsky", "Levomekol").Naturally, you need to follow rigorous hygiene of the ear.If the site appeared inflamed boil, it is necessary to open and clean.Himself can not do it.Typically, this involved himself a doctor or nurse.Also, the ear can be warm.However, this procedure is contraindicated if pus from the ear.Furthermore, it can not be used at high temperature.

If necessary, the patient is taking antipyretic.The doctor may also produce flushing the ear canal.Treatment of acute otitis media in adults should begin immediately.If the pain is too strong, try to take a pain reliever, such as "Coldrex."Regarding the use of folk remedies, then taking them to better align with the doctor.They can be auxiliary method of eliminating the disease.However, you can not engage in self-medicate, as the disease is fraught with complications.