How to make a glass "maynkraft" - creating materials

Quite often players start thinking about how to start building your own house.In this case it would be desirable that it was very beautiful.Moreover, the best.So let's talk with you how to make glass "maynkraft", for which it is necessary and in any processes involved.

With him is glass

So, before a glass "maynkraft" should first discuss what it is and why it is needed.Probably, a lot of players who have already walked through the game world and seeing the homes of other, more "old" users noticed that their castle is very similar to the real ones.Especially attracted such basic items as windows.They contain glass.But where did they come from?From glass block.

In addition, it is worth considering that our today's material - it is fragile, "cube", which can be used except for decorative and craft other items.So for beginners, who still did not really no such resource is useless.But how to make glass "maynkraft" already advanced users?Let's try to understand!

Older versions

course, with the relea

se of different versions of the game have changed or added ways to create this or that item is.So, the first thing we try to talk to you about how to make glass "Maynkraft 1.5.2."The fact that this method - one of the oldest, but correct and available.

The first thing you'll need an oven.The most common, in which you will be able to burn the items.After that, it is worth considering, from which to create our block.In order to be "crafted" need sand.

Sand blocks - a rather common type of resource that fills a variety of locations in the game.Most often they are found in caves and deserts, as well as on the beaches.Simply put, where sand can be found in real life.If the character will go down to the bottom of the pond, there he is also able to produce the required flow.Once you will extract it, move to the kiln and fired.At the exit turn glass block, which can be used for other purposes.That's it - now you know how to make glass.But this is not all ways of creating!


But how to make glass "maynkraft" in any other way?Let's try to understand.The thing is that in addition to the usual sand, you can use another resource, which is also fired.The result is our subject.But what is at stake?

In one version of the game there was the so-called red sand.According to its properties it is similar to usual.However, to find it can be very difficult.It is available only in the mesas.In the fall, as well as any loose block, it falls as a drop.So, you can collect one unit of the block, and then burn it.Obtain the necessary resources to create windows.Now that you know how to make glass "maynkraft."But there is one little feature it has an item.We get to know her?

colors of the rainbow

probably many players, who have already seen most of these homes "oldies" -professionalov noticed that windows and glass panels are not only transparent but also colored!Incredibly, the game can be colored blocks!Coloured glass "Maynkraft" - is preferably a decorative material which serves to create colorful window panels.What you need to get a "novelty"?

is enough to find in the game, the dye, and then combine it with glass blocks.Obtained our paint from different animals and plants.The variety is incredible!Scrolling is what dyes there can be very long.However, if you happen to get some color, then the question of how to make glass "maynkraft" another palette does not make wait for a response.Align resource found with glass blocks.You can enjoy the results obtained.