How to make a person "Maynkraft", or fill the world with residents

So, today we can talk with you about how to make a person "Maynkraft."The thing is that in this virtual world inhabited by a lot of things.So I see his like will be very pleased.Let us look at the men.

first of the first

Perhaps now it's hard to believe, but one of the first monsters in the game "Maynkraft" was just a man.Outwardly, he was no different from the main character of the game.But here's behavior - strongly.His behavior was "empty" - he always turned his head and waved his hands.

Over time, people have learned in the game to do something and steel are the true inhabitants of towns and villages.See yourself in the game like it would be very helpful.Let's talk about how to make a person "Maynkraft."

Eggs residents

So the first way that you can carry out ideas and make a few friends - is the use of so-called egg invocation.They became available to the players in the "Creativity".Remember that hostile mobs on peaceful territory does not appear.But if you are thinking how to make a perso

n "maynkraft", you can easily carry it wherever you want.

order to your desire to become a reality, you first have to "dig out" the subject and then use it in the open, spacious surroundings.If you have the fashion for men skins "Maynkraft", each created character will differ significantly from the previous one.So let's try to get you to understand how to get the egg.

Get an item

How to make a person "Maynkraft"?Of course, you can get a so-called call-egg, which is then applied in a vacuum.In this new character is formed.But how did things get created?

The fact is that in the game there are only two ways to get eggs appeal.The first - is to use the / give.Just enter / givep spawn_egg 1120, and then in your inventory, you will have the desired item is to invoke a new resident.All the other eggs can also be done on a workbench using chicken "fruit" and any subject.However, our topic today is not the case.Eggs residents can be obtained only by means of a special command.After using the eggs you get the so-called resident of the village, endowed with certain skills.So in "Maynkraft" 2 people, which you have created yourself, can engage in the same business, and quite successfully.It depends on how they are programmed.


If you do not know how to make a person "Maynkraft", you can simply turn the most ordinary zombie resident.That is to say, to make him a man.However, it will have to try a little bit.

The first thing you will need a lot of different resources and knowledge.Yes, and also to find a zombie would not hurt.So, have somewhere to get an apple, spider eyes, a little powder, 8 gold nuggets, a bubble of water mushroom and a handful of sugar.Then you can create a special potion and a bullseye for a miracle transformation.

From all the above problems may occur in the collection of the fruit.Search by various treasures of it may be unsuccessful, and the probability of an asset from the leaves is small enough.However, if you set a goal, make sure you deal with it.

We got all the components?Now, on to Kraft.Combine apple and nuggets - have received a gold apple.Now proceed to the preparation of potions weakness.To do this, place the spider's eye with mushrooms and sugar into the cooking rack.Then you get a bottle of liquid.We must now re-apply it on the cooking rack and add the water and powder.Ready?Take the potion, an apple and go to the zombies.Quickly throw in "walking" potion of weakness, and then apple.After a few minutes it become a man.That's all.Now that you know how to make a person "Maynkraft."