How to blow up dynamite in "Maynkraft."

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So today we will talk with you about how to blow up dynamite in "Maynkraft."The thing is that the player can create a kind of bomb, and then set them on fire and make a "big boom".If properly used this method, we can see that he is very helpful.Let us try to figure out how to blow up dynamite in "Maynkraft."


So, the first way to carry out his plan - is to use the most common fire.However, first you have to find or create a dynamite.Only after that I have to think how you can get the necessary spark.For the first experiments suitable trolley with dynamite.In "Maynkraft" is created using TNT and trucks.

Well, if you have found that going "to put on the air," then it's time to think about getting a fire.What do you need for this?You will have to find a flint (it turns out at the gravel with a probability of 10%) and steel.Just combine them and apply.That's all.Now you know how to blow up dynamite in "Maynkraft."But this is not the only way.

Fireballs + lava

Another good way to blow up the dynamite - is to use some combustible.For example, the lava.It can be found in nature in pure form.So go on a quest.When you find the right material field, they stock up.Here is a strange game, "Maynkraft."Dynamite enough "pour over" lava (put the block next to the bomb) and wait a bit.

Another effective method - a gain of some resources, and make of them a fireball.After this "weapon" is produced in a barrel of explosives.If you did not miss, you get the desired result.But how to get the "ball"?To do this, collect a little coal (suitable even wood), fire powder and gunpowder.Combine them in your inventory - you will get 3 units balls.After that, look for TNT and actions.Now you know another way how to blow up dynamite in "Maynkraft."However, that's not all.Let's see how to implement his plan, if no balls, no lava or fire we have.

Red Dust

Well, of course, it is easy and simple to use a base material that is a conductor of the game for our present problem.You will need red dust!But where to find it?

fact that this material can be obtained when working with red or red rock ore.All this is near the lava look - there usually are mines.Collect as much of the material found and go to the bomb.Now hold the lead from the dynamite.It has to be activated.How to do it?

first way - to create from sticks and stones lever, and then connect it to a switch.This is probably the most accessible method.Then you can put the button next to the dynamite, which you have to press and quickly escape.Another option - to embark on the next to TNT pressure plate.In the end, you can put next to an explosive red torch.As you can see, the options are many.Choose the one that suits you, and act.Now that you know almost all the options of how to blow up dynamite in "Maynkraft."


However, there is another method that is known to many players.In particular, those who have long been playing "Maynkraft."The thing is that if you have no special accessories to activate the explosives, it does not mean that you can not blow it up.Let's try to "crank up" the case.

So, the first thing you need to find TNT.Then you will need a very fast response.Free your hands and go to the desired item.Now simply hit the "keg" and quickly run back to hell.After a few seconds, TNT will explode.Now that you know all the ways how to blow up dynamite in "Maynkraft."Choose the one that suits your taste, and act!