In Russia launched a large-scale campaign "It's your Coca-Cola!»

This summer, everyone can find their Coca-Cola and share moments of joy with friends and family.

Coca-Cola Company begins an ambitious campaign, under which will be released inscribed bottles and jars of the famous drink."His» Coca-Cola can be found in every: Anya and Katya, Nadia, and Vasya and Dima, and Kohl's, as well as anyone who is going through every day pleasant, happy moments and is willing to share them with the world.

This summer Coca-Cola in the form of a cheerful reminder that all of us - different.Some like the noisy companies, others - a quiet stroll through the ancient streets.Some of us - the boss, someone - an athlete, and someone - just lucky.Some have the status of VIP, the other - the reputation of the original or first-class dandies.To emphasize that everyone - especially to enhance the significance of the important moments for us, and to remind you that find reason for sincere smile is very simple, Coca-Cola will be a brand close to everyone.

the first time in place of the familiar logo of Coca-Cola cmozhesh you see your name, nickname or the name of a pretty situation where the legendary sip a refreshing drink will be very helpful."For me", "for him", "for it";"Student", "party-goer", "cutie";"For fun", "for bold," "for the decisive";"To give", "for the family", "PARTY" - dozens of these fun labels this summer to appear on cans and bottles Coca-Cola.

new marketing campaign, Coca-Cola has already covered dozens of countries, united under the sign of creativity throughout the world.This action aroused great interest in Europe and attracted the attention of movie stars and show business, fashion bloggers and even leading politicians who really liked to see his name on the famous bright red jar.In Russia, the Coca-Cola products with personal inscriptions appeared in mid-June, and the action itself will last until September 2014.

Find your Coca-Cola this summer!Look for it on the shelves and send to your friends!Sign up!

Detailed information about the campaign will appear on the site in late June.