Which graphics card is better for gaming?

If you are at your computer not only going solitaire, type texts and drink tea, then the answer to the question, what graphics card is better for gaming, it's just the way.

read long reviews and with a magnifying glass to peer into the specification can be when a person has the bulk of time for their consideration.As a rule, all that is necessary to the average gamer - good graphics card available for his money.

So, if time looking at the various little tests, or simply do not have the feeling that will make the right choice, we will try to do everything easier.

look at what is best for video games in 2012.

include creations from AMD the most worthy place is Radeon HD 7970. Its performance is at the highest level, and it can compete in speed with the leading models from competitors.Undoubtedly, this is the best graphics card for games at the moment, which is in the highest price range - more than $ 400.You can, of course, try to find something from the major competitors - Nvidia, they have one of the leading models is the Geforce GTX 680. The latter even more successful, as the different low power consumption.And the hottest of the adapters - on the contrary, HD 7970. The loss is highly conditional, the difference in temperature of only two degrees, but this is very significant - AMD products since most of these things the whip a landslide victory, and here - lost.This video, characterized by high capacity, which will depart every game, no matter what the requirements it may differ.They are for those who are now ready to go to the store and spread a large amount of high-end product.

But we are more interested in the productive things that are somewhat smaller.

So, which card is best for games, even if it is not the engine of the aircraft?

First, we explain some of the features of these devices.Many look primarily at the amount of video memory.I hasten to disappoint - it is necessary not so often.There is only a certain combination of things, when the volume to be impressive - if you loosen all the game settings to the maximum, including the highest available resolution of the screen and the graphics processor at the device is powerful enough.Last - the most important thing.If the GPU does not reach the parameters of power, it just will not be able to process all the information stored in video memory at once.Games that require more than one gigabyte is now effectively dead.Until now, the quality of graphics nobody could beat the famous Crysis, which is at the maximum setting consumes only 700 MB.If the game consumes more, then it simply does not differ a good optimization.

So, closer to the subject.In terms of price / performance is still considered a model from AMD.I would recommend some of the models of series 5600, for example, 5670 - but then there's a problem.Despite the excellent performance, time takes its toll and these cards are almost left the market.Which graphics card is better for games of others?HD 6670. Enough speed graphics processor, despite the affected memory bandwidth, acceptable cost.

If you do not need very high speed, it is an acceptable option for the gamer.So if you are thinking about what kind of graphics card is better for games, a decent thing to find is not so simple.

Although - you can buy a high-speed models offered at the beginning of this article.It is necessary, of course, put a substantial amount, but you will have a device that can serve for a few years, and you will not think about premature upgrade.In addition, a good video card - is the key that will play on your computer well.