Than to treat laid ears different causes discomfort and their elimination

Every person familiar feeling of ear congestion.Sometimes there is a feeling of long, and sometimes delayed, causing some discomfort.Therefore, to know how and what to treat laid ears will be useful to everyone.After hearing provides a complex organ of the state that should be closely watched.

Than to treat laid ears discomfort caused due to illness

Inflammatory processes often determine the quality of hearing.If you have ear sharply laid for colds or the flu, the reason may lie in tubo-otitis.It is an inflammation of the mucous tissue of the eustachian tube, which starts as a result of sinusitis, adenoids, polyps or a deviated septum.Runny nose and cold provide a swelling that does not allow the Eustachian tube to function normally.As a result, the inflammation not only affects the throat and nose, and the ear canal.In such a situation it is necessary to treat the very cold, and then improve the state of the ears.You can relieve your condition and anti-inflammatory ear drops that you will select a doctor, such as drugs, "Polydex" or "Otipaks."Another reason for feeling that laid the ear and noise in the head, may be weakening auditory function.This damage ear nerves associated with such diseases as coronary artery disease of the brain or blood pressure drops.If the feeling of congestion occurs frequently, as a cold or runny nose is not, be sure to consult with your doctor.He will be able to determine what to treat laid ears how serious cause discomfort reason.As a residual phenomenon nasal may recur after otitis media.An illness leaves scars on the eardrum, which over time can lead to hearing loss.In this case, consultation with a specialist, too, will be the best solution.For treatment uses the same drops as with otitis, e.g., medication "Anauran" "Garazon" or "otinum".

Than to treat laid ears discomfort from external causes

Ears may be laid down as a result of a sharp decrease in pressure, such as during takeoff and landing aircraft, the motion speed of the elevator.The pressure in the middle ear did not immediately react to changes in the external pressure, so the ears for some time, spend less sound.To get rid of the discomfort enough to open his mouth wide and make a couple of swallowing movements.So you expand the Eustachian tube and normalize the internal pressure.Than to treat laid ears, if they hit the water?It is enough to gently remove from the outer portion of the ear the excess with a cotton swab and take some swallowing movements to remove drops from the inside of the ear canal.To quickly remove the discomfort, you can drip into the ear anti-inflammatory drops, because they often have a sedative effect.For example, drugs "Sofradeks" or "Otipaks".

Than to treat laid ears problem cerumen

If the problem lies in the fact that the ear scored gray, you must go to someone for help.It often accumulates in excess amounts due to individual characteristics of the structure of the ear canal.You can remove it by washing with a special solution.This procedure can be done at home, but to do it at an otolaryngologist is much easier and more convenient.Trying to clean the ear canal with a cotton swab absolutely not worth it.This can only make the problem worse.Remember that all these rods are not designed for deep cleaning of the ears.Their constant use can also lead to the formation of traffic jams in the back of the ear canal.