Yellow River - home of ancient civilization

Yellow River, which translated from Chinese means "Yellow River", - one of the largest rivers of Asia.This name is due to the huge amount of sediment, which gives its waters yellow.The sea into which the river flows, also has a yellowish color and is called yellow.The origin of the Yellow River takes in the mountains of Tibet, on the eastern slope of the highlands at an altitude of more than 4 thousand meters.Then the river begins to descend from the mountains it passes through the 2 lakes suitable (Dzharin-Nur and Orin-Nur) and the spurs of mountain ranges down to the valley.Here it crosses two desert plateau (Loess and Ordos) and forms a huge bend.Then the river goes through the mountains and canyons of Shanghai follows on the Great Plains.Here, its length is more than 700 kilometers.Billabong is located at the Gulf of Bahai.Yellow River basin area is 770 thousand square kilometers, and its length - about 5000 kilometers.


Yellow River Yellow River in China, flows through seven provinces: Shandong, Shaanxi, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia Hui and Gansu.Yellow River can be divided into three parts: the lower, middle and upper reaches.The first is located on the Great Plains.Average - between the province of Shaanxi, and the Ordos Plateau.Upper - from its origins in the Tibetan Highlands to the Loess Plateau.Yellow River - one of the most full-flowing in the world.Pool of the Yellow River provides drinking, industrial and agricultural water to more than 140 million people.The bed it is extremely mobile and it often overflows its banks.Floods bring many disasters, that was the birth of the second name of the river - "The trouble is China."But there is also the opposite phenomenon, such as the 90-ies of the last century, the Yellow River is not just dry up completely in the northern regions.

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floods on the Yellow River

For 3000 years, the Yellow River more than a thousand times out of its banks and 26 times changed its direction.To protect against flooding in the Yellow River built a lot of dams and diversion channels, which, however, do not change the situation on the river.Studies by American scientists showed that the construction is not stopped, not only the problem, but even provoke her as more than 3 million years, humans cover the natural history of the river.Waterworks slow flow of the river, thereby causing sedimentation at the bottom.As a result, the water rises again, and the power of flood times from time increases.People build even more powerful and deep dam diverting channels, but all the more intense the Yellow River overflows its banks.Such a struggle of man and the river could lead to unintended consequences.

history of the Yellow River

ancient map of the first rulers of China show that the Yellow River flowed north of its current channel.In 2356 BC, it happened in the flood of the Yellow River changed its course and began to fall into the Gulf of Giglio.After 2000 years, the river began to build diverting canals and dams, and she began to fall into the Yellow Sea.One of the military tactics of the warring dynasties were flooding the enemy troops, or its territories.So, at 11 AD flooding caused the fall of the dynasty of Xin.Also, the hydraulic structures were destroyed in the year 923 in order to protect the capital of the Liang Dynasty from the attack of the Tang Dynasty.From the second millennium AD Huanghe (Yellow River), she regularly broke through the dam.One of the severe floods occurred in 1887, it claimed 2 million lives.

Life of the Yellow River

mode Yellow River - monsoon.From July to October, the water rises up to 5 meters in the Great Plains, and in mountainous areas can rise up to 20 meters.Frozen river in the middle and lower reaches.In the lower - up to 3 weeks on average - for 2 months (January and February).Yellow River annually brings to 1.9 billion tons of sediment.For this indicator, the river leads to other waterways in the world.Thus the plain in some places the bottom can rise up to 12 meters above the ground.The Yellow River has the waterworks length of 5000 kilometers, at times their height exceeds 12 meters.During the flood water takes in width up to 800 kilometers.Yellow River is navigable primarily on the Great Plains.The length of the navigable channel - 790 kilometers.The Yellow River is connected to the channel of the Yangtze and Huaihe rivers.

nature and attractions of the Yellow River

Yellow River is very attractive for plants and animals.To seek all the water.For example, only the delta live 1542 species and 393 species of plants grow.In the middle reaches of the Yellow River is the largest river in the Hukou waterfall height of 20 m. It is one of the most interesting and beautiful places on the planet.Normal width of the waterfall - 30 meters, and at the moment it reaches the flood Hukou 50. Below is a huge rock, which divides the flow into two parts.In mountainous areas, the river is a national nature reserve - Santszyanyuan.There are two beautiful mountain lakes.It is extremely attractive for the Chinese themselves, and tourists from abroad.Every year millions of people come here from all over the world.