Kontakion - what kind of product

sacred hymns, performed during religious festivals, were folded for a long time, in the days of the early Christians.Subsequently, their composition was enriched by the works of talented priests, endowed with a deep and sincere faith in the Lord and poetic gift.

Introduction to kontakia

Let's see kontakion - what is it?So called in Greece, more specifically in the Byzantine Empire, solemn hymns dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the feast of the Nativity of Christ, various saints.Religious songs were, as a rule, of the sublime, pathetic content and glorify the spiritual person, which has been discussed.Thus, kontakion - what is it?Paean to religious content.It was created by certain rules and had a strictly regulated form of execution.The first authors used syllabic versification system, achieving a clear rhythm in the poetic text, to make it easier and more comfortable to sing.Stanzas should have contain teachings and mandates for the flock.They spoke from the pulpit the priest.A chorus (refrain) The choir singers and the people present in the church.

From the history of the term

about how there was a genre kontakion what it is, we learn from the ancient Christian legend.Once in Constantinople (Ages 5-6) at the Church of Our Lady served God-fearing, sincere believer named Roman.He was a true saint, earning respect and a good location then Patriarch Euphemia.And although no Roman had no hearing, no voice, the patriarch was asked him to serve him in the choir during the solemn service.Envious tried to shame the humble pastor.However, he humbly prayed to the Lord and the Mother of God, and a miracle happened.The Holy Virgin appeared to Roman and endowed him with a delightful voice and a poetic gift.Inspiration came upon a servant of God, and he wrote the first of spiritual literature kontakion.What is it, you will understand by reading famous lines solemn hymn in honor of the Nativity, which begins with these words: "Today the Virgin Presuschestvennago bringeth forth ..." is translated into the languages ​​of all peoples professing Christianity, became a model gimnotvorchestva kontakion.And he earned the nickname Melodist novel under the same name and entered into history.

Kondak today

Hymns, wrote in Orthodoxy on samples of the holy Roman, were preeminent character until the 8th century.They were long, each about 20-30 verses, choruses divided.Execution during their service took a lot of time, which caused some inconvenience.Therefore, around the 8th century to replace Kondakov as a genre comes canon.However, this does not mean that the hymns have ceased to sound in churches, temples and cathedrals.They're also serve an important function of glorification and celebration of the holiday for which were written.Just was a modification of the genre.The meaning of "Kontakion" in today's liturgy is that it is two stanzas solemn hymns, performed together with ICOS after canons.The same term is used to refer to verses hymns.Who is usually singing full kontakion only otpevaya of the clergy.In other cases, limits its truncated, shortened forms.


Feast of the Annunciation - one of the most revered in the Orthodox Church.He said on April 7.Church services are held on this day especially joyful, upbeat, the parishioners in churches enlightened person, and truly angelic voice sounds from the choir of the Annunciation Kontakion in honor of the Virgin.It is called "the Champion governor ..." and features a touching beauty and emotion to the great mystery.Glee and reverence sincere hope filled words Kondakov, which sounds a request to the Pure Human intercede for us sinners.In addition to religious works of this genre are of great literary and artistic significance.