How to read a prayer for beginners

First of all, prayer - not just a set of words and gestures, not gymnastics, alternate actions that can be repeated.Prayer - a prayer, and faith is important to perform, his sincere intention to glorify God, praise and exalt him prove his loyalty and obedience.Therefore prayer can wake up a Muslim, age and staying sane people.Although the part it seems that prayer - it's completely bows (ie action), in fact this treatment believing in his heart to God.Thus, a sick person who is unable to perform kneeling to pray can, as a person, perform all the necessary actions and pronouncing words, but do not have the faith and commitment, it will be considered null and void.

Before you read the prayer, we must as far as possible be cleared (to bathe).Getting up to prayer, the traditional rules require to cover certain parts of the body (shoulders, head).It is advisable not to make his clothing with images of people and animals in the field, are considered unclean (toilet, bath, corral).This prayer need to do in the allotted time for her.Before the ritual is necessary to ensure that you start to read the prayer, without being distracted by the flesh and other needs.

All the prayers to be performed, facing towards Mecca, where the Kaaba.If the direction of the mosque is clear that you have a home you have to define it yourself to get in the night prayer.Before you read the prayer at home, you need to clear this place and spread a mat there to pray.Muslims throughout the day namaz several times, and depending on the time of day this ritual has another name: "Al-Zuhr" (noon prayer), "Al-Asr" (late afternoon) and "Al-Isha '(night).

So, how to read a prayer?All Muslims who live in different countries, say a prayer in Arabic.But this does not mean that they should just memorize incomprehensible words and pronounce them.The meaning of the words have to be understandable praying, otherwise they lose their every action.New Muslim must not only be able to say prayers in Arabic and know their translation, but also to understand correctly, that is to make a true interpretation of what was said.Therefore, to learn to read the prayer, you need to seek help from a knowledgeable person (teacher, Mullah).

rituals during the day slightly differ from each other, so in order to explain how to read a prayer, take a sample of the daily prayer of "Al-Zuhr."It consists of four cycles - rak'ahs.It precedes the prayer call to prayer - Azan.When the majority of the faithful have gathered in the mosque, ICAM sounds different from Azan only the phrase "Prayer has already begun."Believers in this time has made ablution in his heart prepared for prayer.Women raise their hands up to the shoulders, arms and men relate to the earlobes and say Takbir "Allah Akbar!" ("God is great!").Then they put their right hand on the left hand and recite the opening prayer, praise Allah, resorting under His protection from Satan, and read the surah "Fatiha".

then believers say, "Amen!" And in the 1st and the 2nd rak'ahs encouraged to read at least one verse from the Quran, and then everybody makes belt slope - that is, the body tilted forward, the palms werethe knees, held up well, say dhikr "Subhan rabbiya al-Azim!".Men touch the ears woman - to the shoulders, say "Allahu Akbar" and straightened.Standing believers say, "Rabban all-nail-al-Hamd" and make prostration (Sujud).He performed in the following sequence: pronounced "Allahu Akbar!", The man falls to his knees, hands and forehead touching the ground, and in this position you need to say three times: "Subhan rabbiya al-a'la!".

During the prayer group need to follow the mullah, not ahead of it, not to say the words aloud, but at the same time so as to hear themselves, always be directed towards the face of the Kaaba.After the prayer should be required to say the dhikr.