Authentic Songs With the introduction of standards Second Generation

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Today's youth are interested in the work of foreign-language performers.The information space there is a large variety of themed songs.As a child you must learn to control this space and develop its search skills (force it to think and make decisions), the teacher must actively develop exercises to improve the motivation for learning and development of the student.After all, self-development and self-education play an important role in the training.

By the standards of the second generation of the teacher is necessary to form nadpredmetnye communication in the classroom, so that students receive and apply knowledge to practical life, and realized what he needed to learning a foreign language.And as nadpredmetnye communication - it is a universal way of making and using information, authentic song is one of the options to ensure you receive a variety of information.

1) in the authentic song contains a large number of thematic information, full of vocabulary and fixed expressions, which are then students can use to talk with foreign citizens Scorpions ("Wind of change" -politics);Madonna ("American life" - modern society);Avril Lavigne ("Sk8er boy" - teenagers problems).

2) for the formation of grammatical skills can also use the authentic songs.Queen ("We are the champions" - Present Perfect)

3) songs contribute to improving the skills of pronunciation, intonation.

4) Music in the classroom can serve as a psychological discharge, and with the help of songs, you can conduct a physical workout to save the health of students.Black lace "I am the music man." (The song is performed with the movements with which play different instruments)

5) stimulate the song monologue, promote the development of both prepared and unprepared speech.John Lenon "Imagine"

Foreign-language songs can we really help in teaching children, but we can not, and remember that exercise does not have to be dry:

EXERCISE TO THE SONG «What a wonderful world» (By Louis Armstrong) Listen to the song and fill in the gaps with a word you hear (a verb or an adjective):

You can not just give the job and make it appear that we used somethingsomething useful in the classroom.Be sure to ask questions of the student: What is the mood of the artist?Where is he located?Allow the children to think!

Of course, all the new lexical items and grammatical constructions, students will be able to practice in dialogues.

EXERCISES TO THE SONG «I have a dream» (By ABBA)

Answer the following questions:

1. What season is it?

2. What mood did the singer have?

3. What dream did the signer have?

4. In what did the signer believe?

5. How should that dream help the signer?

6. Which dreams do you have?

7. Does music really help to cope with problems?

Ask taught by this song?Do I need to deal with obstacles in life?What to do, when it's the right time?What are you willing to fulfill your dream?By asking questions such as this, the teacher encourages children to think and communicative activity, and what required by the standards of the second generation

So authentic songs helps to involve the child in the learning process, lead him to knowledge and to raise it positive personal qualities of the person and respect for the culture of a foreignlanguage.And also the perfect material for the implementation of the requirements of the second generation.

But in any case we must not forget the copyright of performers, so before taking this or that song, select a specific passage that you can use in the classroom.