What are the different types of make-up and what are their characteristics?

most girls makeup - is a daily, everyday process.But it must be applied very carefully, because the wrong make-up is able to hide your strengths and highlight weaknesses.

term "make-up" originally appeared in France.Its literal translation means disguise.The mission is emphasizing the makeup of female beauty by using cosmetics.Anyone who fully owns the technique applying makeup, can easily hide facial flaws and highlight the natural beauty.

Depending on the situation there are different types of make-up: household, fiction, theater, and so on.In everyday life, we use household make-up, which is also divided into different types depending on the purpose and complexity.

According to the complexity, there are such kinds of make-up as simple and complex.The aim is to underscore a simple makeup natural data.It is performed so that almost invisible on the face.In this make-up used muted, soft colors, the amount of powder and foundation - minimum.Complex make-up helps to correct the existing defects of the face.It may be acne, bruises, dark spots.

There are also the following types of make-up: day, evening, business, wedding and others.Consider some species separately.

Day make-up involves the use during daylight hours and is intended for daylight.Therefore, it should not present a lot of shadows and blush.When applying make-up day is best to use eye shadow, blush and lipstick muted shades.

Evening make-up, on the contrary, is characterized by its brightness.For it is better to use dark colors cosmetics.The main objective of this makeup is to give its owner a special charm, sexuality and catchiness.The eyes are emphasized with dark tones of the shadows, if you wish, you can use false eyelashes.

Business makeup should emphasize the appropriate image of women, emphasizing accuracy, freshness, grooming and serious attitude of its owner.With it, the woman looks great, but does not distract your view nor myself nor my colleagues.

It is worth noting a special kind of make-up - a wedding makeup.Running it requires a lot of skills and is quite complex.After all, he has to look perfect, and in daylight and artificial light.It should emphasize the naturalness, personality and natural beauty of the bride.

Types of brushes for makeup

Just as different types of make-up, there are different types of brushes for its application.Each brush is characterized by its shape and size and is suitable for the application of certain cosmetic products.There are different types of brushes for make-up: for powder and tonal framework for blush and shadow, the contour of the lips and eyeliner, eyebrow and eyelash.

When choosing a cosmetic brush is better to give preference to that which is made of natural cloth.This brush does not irritate the skin and ensures a smooth application and natural makeup.