How to INN physical and legal entity?

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obliged to pay taxes each citizen of Russia.But to fulfill their civic duty is virtually impossible without VAT.Taxpayer identification number required for employment and if conscious citizen personally wish to share their revenue with the state.How do you know whether you personally awarded the magic combination of numbers, and how to make INN, if you have not yet?

Why do I need a personal identifier?

Without INN difficult to get a job, and the municipal organization - is simply impossible.Curiously, if we turn to the Labor Code, it can be seen that this evidence is not included in the list of documents required for employment.Accordingly, the employer has no right to demand his job with a competitor.Thus the responsibility of each company includes the transfer to the state budget of all necessary deductions and taxes on the wages of each employee.However, VAT is assigned to an individual entrepreneur at the same time with the registration of legal status.And payments can be made by ID SP.

magic number is useful to any individual.Indeed, without it is impossible to submit the declaration of income, use of public services through the Internet.Sometimes INN required in very unusual situations - for example, without this evidence it is impossible to have an e-wallet.The identification number consists of 12 digits.In the first four digits is a snap to determine the region in which the certificate is issued, and specific inspection, he was discharged.Next - a unique personal tax number and a check digit.

How to INN those who do not have?

To obtain a certificate must apply VAT to the division of tax inspection at the place of permanent residence.Please note that to go to the body at the place of permanent residence does not succeed.To obtain this document, and you only need a passport application.Stamp duty is not provided.Fill out the application for TIN may be handling or in advance by downloading it from the official site of public services.Production certificate takes from three days to two weeks after treatment.

All who wish to start their own business, as a rule, are concerned about how to make the inn a legal entity?When making a corresponding IP registration is required.TIN is allocated automatically when it passes, then on his hands businessman certificate is issued.Another unusual situation - the loss of the document.The certificate is better not to lose, and kept in a safe place, but if it is, nevertheless, has been lost, you can restore it.If you do not know how to make TIN after its loss, please contact the tax office at the place of registration with a passport and apply for recovery.Be prepared for the fact that the renewal of the certificate is required to pay a fine.

This is so simple and clear!