Making apartment: be careful and cautious

Today, the concept of "design of the apartment," unfortunately, it means not only the decoration for the holiday.

Long gone are the days when the most difficult on the acquisition of the apartment was to find a suitable option.Now the construction market is developing very well: resumed building the state and municipal companies, actively build houses private entrepreneurs.

Find option to purchase or exchange in our time is quite simple, there would be money.Much more difficult to establish the authenticity of the transaction, check to see whether the documents are bogus, and the building - ranked illegally.

lawyers dealing with real estate, warn that before you put on the authenticity of the final deal, check carefully whether the design of the apartment meets all norms and laws.Only in this way you will be guaranteed the right to stay in the purchased housing, and the right to use them.

So, how best to carry out the paperwork for the apartment?

  • Please check the reputation of the seller.This can be done through a real estate agency or use the "word of mouth".If the seller is not suspicious, you are ready to deal.
  • Check the completeness of the necessary documents and the authenticity of each document individually.Check (possible with the help of independent experts), as is well written and collected documents.
  • to design the apartment was lawful, check through the relevant service, as the person is registered in the selling area, if not registered her minor children.
  • Ask how many times already sold apartment.Ask neighbors or employees of public utilities, that was the reason for the frequent change of owners.
  • Make sure that the design of the apartment legally, that its history is no "dark spots".The only way you can guarantee the authenticity and legality of the transaction.
  • Ask what is the reason for the sale of apartments as capable person signing the documents of sale.If
  • apartment for sale, left a will, be sure to verify the authenticity and validity of the document.This will help avoid unexpected appearance of legitimate heirs, who for some reason absent when held flat design.
  • sure to ask if there was any in buying housing redevelopment.If it was, it must necessarily confirm the legitimacy of a certificate from the BTI.

decorated apartments - is not only a collection of documents, but also mutual seller and buyer.

Do not go for the deal alone, do not carry large sums.The most effective and safest method of calculation - the transfer of money to the account.You can also use a bank cell.

In any case, the bank for settlements and method of payment should be chosen in advance and arrange both sides: both the seller and the buyer.

If the purchase and sale will be held according to the rules, all the subsequent years, the biggest challenge will be the owners not the paperwork, and New Year's decoration of the apartment.