What is an administrative offense?

an administrative offense is clearly defined a number of laws and must include several key elements.But before considering each of them is to find out information about what constitutes an administrative offense and what responsibility means.

Types of Administrative Offences

Today, several major types of administrative offenses:

  • misdemeanor that somehow violates the rights of citizens.As an example may be any violation of freedom of religion in the public and their own opinion.They also include the denial of information, non-fulfillment of their parents of their duty towards the minor children, etc.
  • administrative offenses that threaten the health, morals and welfare of the population.For example, this includes violations of sanitary and epidemiological requirements, concealing the source of infection, illegal possession and trafficking of drugs, prostitution, etc.
  • Misconduct in the field of environmental protection.
  • offenses in the sphere of private property.
  • Violations of the laws regarding the vehicles.
  • Violation of traffic rules.

In fact, there are many types of administrative offenses.They relate to occupational safety and protection of the state, business, customs, finance, taxes and the use of funds.

But in order to bring to justice the natural or legal person, must prove guilt.The composition of administrative offense - a set of four attributes needed for prosecution.Only the presence of such a large number could be the basis for legal action.

order to be able to determine the composition of an administrative offense, as a rule, begin an investigation that includes all kinds of testing and examination.As for the administrative responsibility, the perpetrators of an offense must be punished.These may include: a fine, deprivation of any rights (eg, documents and permission to use of the vehicle), an administrative arrest.

an administrative offense

As already mentioned, in order to bring a case and bring to justice the natural or legal person, there must be several circumstances:

  • object of the offense is a set of relationships that are protected by state and federallaws.It is against them were recorded violation.
  • objective side - this is an act of the guilty person.In addition, here also include the place and time of the violation, the subject and the way the crime was committed and the means used in this case.
  • subject - is guilty persons (natural or legal) who committed an action forbidden by state and federal laws.
  • subjective aspect of the offense - is, in fact, the objective pursued by the perpetrator, his intent and wine.

administrative case can be opened only if there is a full complement of administrative offense.