How to properly cement plant

concrete in construction of buildings and structures are used throughout.Without them it is impossible to build a foundation, brick walls, perform screed, etc... In this regard, many owners of suburban areas who want to build their own house, the question often arises: "How to raise the cement so that the finished structure has turned out strong and durable?»

How to choose the brand of cement

Brand cement is chosen based on the purpose for which it was he needed.For example, to tie, you can use the material M400.To build the foundation of the experts advise to take PTS400-500 Portland.However, this option is quite expensive.Therefore, for the construction of a small building foundations can use several cheaper shlakoportladtsement (SPC) or pozzolan (PPV) Portland cement.Such material is strong enough and at the same time is stable to corrosive environments in the ground.The difference from the regular HRC that he grasped longer.

How to dissolve the cement for the foundation?

foundation for the rules provided in the following proportions.River coarse sand (0,14-5 mm fraction) * gravel or crushed stone (fraction 5-70 mm) * SHPTS400 = 2 * 2 * 1.Not only cement, but other components must be selected correctly.Sand is easy to check the suitability.To do this, take a small amount, pour water and stir.If one day the mixture will remain murky, a material for the construction of the foundation is not worth taking.Crushed, it should be carefully sifted to remove fines too.

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To prepare the concrete mix is ​​best to use a concrete mixer.Such a device in our time is very inexpensive.Meanwhile, to facilitate work in the construction of various kinds of concrete structures can be more than significant.The question of how to raise the cement quickly and efficiently, to the owner of the suburban area will not stand.

If the mixers were not available, and you can use the old-fashioned way - thoroughly mixed sand, gravel and cement in a sturdy metal container with a shovel or a hoe, then add the required amount of water and stir again.The result should be a part of, not flowing with shovels and not falling apart.It is not necessary at a time to prepare too much concrete.Mix a small amount of components much easier.

How to dissolve the cement screed

Prepare a mixture screed is even easier than the foundation.The fact that in this case is not used rubble.The proportions of sand * cement M400 is 3 * 1.Pre-floor spreading rugged metal sheet.It pour 1/3 of sand.Next - 1/3 of cement, all thoroughly mixed.Then again, the top 1/3 of sand and poured a third of the cement.Again, all mixed thoroughly.So do the remaining portions of both materials.

question of how to raise the cement with water, is easy to solve.The resulting dry mixture is raked into a pile and makes the top notch.This kind of "capacity" is poured a small amount of water.Then it is mixed with part of the dry mix.Thus making the solution as needed.After all of the mixture is worked out, prepare a new one.

As you can see, the question of how to raise the cement, is fairly simple.If you have a concrete mixer, everything can be done as quickly as possible.In its absence should not try to breed once a large number of concrete.Important as it is possible to mix all the ingredients thoroughly.