The value named Igor.

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People in ancient times knew the name of a very strong influence on the character, appearance and even the fate of man.Value Name studied psychology, numerologists and astrologers, using various methods and theories.

origin of the name Igor

Igor - Old Norse name meaning "warrior."According to legend, a man with the same name is protected by the god of abundance has the power.

origin of the name Igor also has an interesting version.It sounds in princely, and from it emanates a certain antiquity.This name is worn by many Russian princes.Therefore, we can talk about the Slavic origin of the word "igr", which means "fun", "fun".

General characteristics

man with the same name is very courageous, stubborn and explosive.But he is very sociable and charming, finds all the general topics of conversation.Always calculates everything in advance.It targets is slow, thinking through everything, but surely.Versatile passionate about.

value named Igor indicates that this man looks dry, but the soul is very friendly.Those who are so-called character is very difficult.But if you get to know such a person, then he will surely enjoy.

Igor quickly adapts to circumstances, very prudent and loves to dream.It has good taste, polite and handsome in appearance.The value named Igor has many contradictions.Such a man has a good memory and propensity to narcissism.

Most of these people - sanguine by temperament.Igor's always a lot of friends with whom he usually keeps in a long time.

can be a good scientist or leader.

She loves pets.With joy he will lead the dog and will give it enough attention.Suitable small and medium breeds (sheltie, collie, miniature schnauzer).

Name day - 2 October and 18 June in the Orthodox calendar and the Catholic - 1 and 5 October.


Mystery named Igor - what is it?Little of the bearer - a very controversial person.This stubborn, funny, cocky kid.These kids are very close to their mothers.Sociable with other children.

very capable and learn well.Best of all they are given math.But due to the nature of too restless son of parents often causes school.

Often kids, similar in appearance to the mother, were named Igor.The character they usually my father's.They are actively involved in sports and often achieve considerable success.


With that Igor is no problem.Health childhood strong.In adulthood Igor usually adheres to a healthy lifestyle.This can afford not to worry too much about his physical condition.But in adulthood Igor may have problems with digestion.

Mystery named Igor (spell)

- And - kind, spiritual, sensitive, romantic.

- D - knowledge, attention to detail, the ability to quickly and correctly all understand.

- About - proper handling of money, the realization of desires and intuition.

- P - self-confidence, the risk in the case.

- b - the ability to put everything in its place.

Igor love

Very gently applies the person to its second half.But at the same time, it demands attention.If it so happened that the first love was unsuccessful, suffer and it will remember it for a long time.

expression of feelings and compliments not for him.From the second half Igor will demand obedience, obedience.It dominated in a relationship.

women are treated not very trusting, because he feared rejection.Sexually Igor - romantic and looking for consistency.In bed, the girl requires return.Such people are very jealous and always watching his chosen.

your chosen name is Igor?Feature name will help you find the shortest path to the heart of the man she loved.If a woman is special for Igor, he is tender and attentive.

Igor family

For people with the same name is very important to my opinion.Igor often overly strict with their children, to teach them to love, but it is good for them.Particularly worried about the children when they reached adolescence.

may change his wife, but is unlikely to go away from her.The second half will always be surrounded by caring husband.

For Igor is very important to the stability of the family.Fix or repair something in the house - no problem.

Business and Career

If your friend broke the word or promise, Igor escapes him.Glory does not suit him, and all he gave advice always criticized.All cases resolves itself, does not like his lecture.

Igor characteristic whose name is quite interesting, it can be a good businessman or entrepreneur.If chosen profession gives Igor pleasure, it becomes a master of his craft.Always be honest and industrious.

with strangers open and trusting.This quality sometimes prevents to become a leader.But on the career ladder treads ensure a rapid pace.If you really want, in the shortest time to reach its goal.The main thing - not to force Igor to work for the hated work.Immediately find an excuse and resign.

Compatible with patronymic name.Option 1

Such patronymic as A., P., S., V., Artemovich, V., Y., give the name of Igor quality of romance and idealist.These people love the comfort and luxury rich life.Elegant and emotional.Like women, are choosing bright, passionate, but rushing from one to another.

Able to lie artfully and skillfully avoid conflicts.Lovely diplomats always know how to behave.They like art.

Marry often only in adulthood, reaching goals.The family have power and supervise all affairs.They live by their own rules.

Option 2

Igor Romanovich, F., E., A., Y., Maksimovic, Pavlovich, Tarasovich, Nikititch very vulnerable and correct.It is a calm and reasonable man.

the girl knows how to look beautiful, but perish in bed.To hide their feelings, considering their weakness.

scandals and quarrels avoid, in the family is trying to achieve harmony.Very sociable, easy to communicate with other people.

Igor does not aspire to wealth, but the family will not be in poverty.Nerastochitelen and thrifty.Often in girls younger wife takes himself.

Option 3

Bogdanovich Konstantinovich Yaroslavovich, V., G., Danilovichi energetic, smart and very emotional.Are fighting, courageous character.Too reckless, all have their own point of view, independent.They do not like restrictions and rebel against them.

Igor with one of these surnames are often tied to family and home.All agree with the wife and the closest people.Good judge of character, but does not find fault with their shortcomings.Married very jealous.

Option 4

Igor O., S., Arturovich, I., L., Antonovich very proud and selfish.It needs best friend for support.Often, such a person becomes his wife.

The family appreciates the stability he needed a reliable rear.The house runs a spouse, not Igor, although the latter is trying to show that he was the head of the family.

does not like to deal with children, but takes great care of them with the onset of adolescence.He likes to lecture them.

Option 5

to reveal the secret name of Igor, compatibility with other middle name, read on.Albertovich, S., D., Rostislavovich, A., S. intelligent, resourceful and witty.

Igor with patronymic golden hands, but to force him to repair something at home is very difficult, until he wants to.

independent, so frequent conflicts with parents.His wife often chooses like his mother.It depends on the couple and the power in the family does not aspire.

Igor always cheerful and positive, but it is very quick-tempered and emotional.Often jealous of his wife, but hides it, believing the feelings a sign of weakness.

The nature of numerology

I-1, G-4, G-7, R-9, L-3;1 + 4 + 7 + 9 + 3 = 24;2 + 4 = 6.

Meaning of Life, Igor - finding love and harmony.It takes into account the past and learn from mistakes.

6 - the number of souls.

Igor Soul Number 6 with an interest in science and is always looking for the scientific approach to everything.It is usually good engineers and designers.Reliable and stable people.They have a lot of friends and colleagues.

value named Igor indicates that these people do not like to quarrel, and avoid it.But do not expect them to unexpected and creative manifestations.The whole life is already registered, and such a person is almost impossible to move out of the way.

not show emotions, outwardly cold.As a child obedient, but become stricter in the future parents.

mystical characteristic name

1. Igor Planet - is Jupiter.

2. The air - the element of the name, which symbolizes the warmth and serenity.

3. In the zodiac is probably Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius.

4. Suitable color - blue and crimson red.

5. A good day - Thursday.

6. Suitable metals - tin.

7. Minerals - hyacinth, and sapphire.

8. Plants, symbolizing the name of Igor - jasmine, oak, apricot, lavender, mint, pear, apple.

9. Symbols-animals - elephant, a dolphin, a deer, a swallow.

Compatible with female names

If a girl named Anna, Lydia, or Helen, and her middle name A., B., P., S., Y., it is the best option for the role of the second half.Especially if you have a first name, Igor, like Miller, F., Nikitich Matveyevich Marchuk.

also be a good marriage, if the name of the girl Olesya, Veronica or a middle name Irina Pavlovna Romanova, F., G., A..

named Igor Compatible with female names Galina, Christina, Larissa and Oksana particularly successful.

bonds of marriage

The most successful marriages are formed when Igor was born in June, July, December, and future wife - in March or February.

value named Igor indicates that if a man was born in August, September and December, and his fiancee - in July, December and May, the marriage will be quite complex.

and divorce are possible in cases where Igor celebrates birthday in February, April and December, and the second half - in January, March.

Famous people named Igor

- Igor Krutoy - producer, composer, People's Artist of Russia.

- Igor Matvienko - creator of popular groups, producer and composer.

- Igor Petrenko - film and theater actor.


If your chosen one, or baby name is Igor, the value of the name, character tell us how to love and nurture such a person.