Should I believe in bad omens?

bad luck began to appear hundreds of years ago, when people began to associate certain activities with the further misfortune happens to them.This is explained by the influence of the dark supernatural forces that have the power that seek to destroy human life.But is it really?

Common signs

back - bad luck!Surely you've heard it from my grandmother or mother.If you have to return home after a passed way to pick up a forgotten item in a hurry, the parents were given the mandate to look into the mirror, or sit down for long on stul.Takim way you can cheat the dark forces that have been configured to destroy your future path.This will take a few hundred years, but there is still no confirmation of it.Even more terrible omen considered the black cat ran across the road.However, as interpreted in the present, it says only that the animal runs his business or hastily trying to escape a busy highway.Black people are always scared.He spoke of the misfortune and evil.For this reason, no one wanted to start a house pet that color.On the other hand, the cat - the embodiment of goodness.It protects the home from the dark forces and protect the peace of the home (in the same signs).Therefore, we can not say that the cat brings bad luck, even if it is a stranger.

Believe it or not?

believe in bad luck or not, you decide.Just keep in mind one important detail: the inner spirit is capable of much.For example, in the morning you are scattered salt in the kitchen, and a sign tells of the quarrel for this reason.You begin to cheat yourself, frustrated, annoyed.As a result, break on a loved one, which leads to a quarrel.On the other hand, in a hurry, you can not even see the fallen saltshaker and spend all day in tranquility.It says that you have inspired myself approaching misfortune and wait for it, ready for it.In the future you will take any trouble for the action of the dark forces will make you spill salt.

How better to do?

If you meet a woman with an empty bucket, it is not necessary to shout to be carried home.Say hello to fellow traveler and smile at her, she will respond to you in return.You will see how nice it is, and bad luck will not seem so terrible.Crumbled salt?Think about what you're too fast, you need to slow down, so that nothing falls out of hand.A black cat a stroke or give her a piece of bread, breaking all the stereotypes.

bad luck - a reason to laugh?

And why do not translate all a joke?For example, a cat crossed your path.Think positive: it was not an empty bucket, and you're not at night at the intersection of the cemetery.Laugh at yourself, tell your friends about it.Optimism in life will never be over, and then bad luck will bring you do not experience and positive emotions.After all the stress in our lives and well enough to pay attention to such trifles.And once you understand that it is easier and easier, and the belief in signs shall be for the grandmothers, who already would not persuade to the contrary.