Plots of warts.

Strange but true: once mention the word "wart", there are also counselors who know how to get rid of it.Recipes and conspiracies so much that many who suffer from this unpleasant disease, are willing to spend with a different kind of execution, and it sometimes exceeds the bounds of common sense.

Take, for example, one of these "exotic" options - a conspiracy of warts using peas, which should be the first day of the full moon to make such skin growths, and then wrapped in a rag and throw it over his shoulder behind his back.Ridiculous?But such advice given by Pliny the Elder, writer and scholar in ancient Rome, the creator of "Natural History."No less interesting masterpiece of folk knowledge - plots of warts using the raw meat.Someone rubs them the wound site, someone whispers a prayer on a piece.Be sure and in fact, and in another case it is discarded or fed to the dogs.But some help.Others are turning to vinegar, fat, plant by the roots and much more.It should be noted that time is always of such rituals tied to the state of the moon.Some rites should be performed at the full moon, the other - on decreasing.

Despite all scientific evidence of occurrence of such skin growths do not exist because conspiracies warts are and will continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

Generally, the occurrence of these defects on the skin of people have always linked with some magical phenomenon.Indeed, they can appear without any reason, unexpectedly, at any age.The warts are single or just hit many areas of skin on the body.Disappear and reappear.Such are its property and are required because each tries various plots suffering from warts, hoping to find a unique and effective, which is able to cure once and for all.According to popular belief, in order to avoid this trouble, you can not take a frog or a toad in his hands.Many superstitions associated with the disease.

if from a scientific point of view, to consider the question of where are the warts, it is worth noting that most people engaged in specific work and have contact with a particular environment are at risk of papillomas (so-called skin growths doctors).This meat cutting staff.They cause warts can be tubercle bacillus.In such cases, not a conspiracy of warts, and proper treatment.In oil and miners, radiographers particular profession can cause the appearance of the disease, with characteristic for them transition from benign warts (ie, these are papillomas) in malignant.

Most skin growths are painless, but if they occur on the soles of the feet, the walking you will experience pain and discomfort of contact with sharp pebbles.Removal of plantar warts suggested to be carried out in special medical institutions.Conspiracies - it's good, but some warts are so dangerous that can harm your health.