Interesting to know why people snore

Being next to snoring, very tired, not only physically but also emotionally.The question "why people snore" frequently left unanswered.But snoring suffers not only the one who could not sleep, but also the snoring.During snoring your lungs do not get enough air, and thus brings blood to the brain is much less oxygen than normal breathing.Snoring spouse wakes up in the morning as well as his wife, a bad night's sleep, with a headache, which can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.Persistent lack of sleep leads to neurosis.

Both spouses, exhausted poor sleep, become nervous, often quarrel over trifles, even before the divorce case comes.At work one comes without a rest for the night, and the work is not going well, everything falls out of the hands.Definitely - snoring not lead to anything good.And sometimes even snoring fatal: a man choking in his sleep.Americans believe snoring symptom of serious illness.Their research found that it adversely affected even when the potency.Snoring men are turning to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

So why do people snore?If a person snores during sleep, so his health is something wrong.Snoring can cause abnormal structure of the nasopharynx may narrow the airway.If a person has fat deposits around the neck during sleep they interfere with breathing, air flows and sound.We drunk all the muscles are relaxed, including in the throat, as if the person still and lie on your back, the air passage becomes smaller.Result: almost all the drunk people snore.

Interestingly, the number of men snoring twice more than women.The larger man physique, the more likely that he will snore.Also, the number of "snorers" increases with age.But it turns out, young children snore too.What prevents sleep kids why they snore?It is possible that your child has polyps or adenoids, contact an audiologist and eliminate the cause.Singing people snore less often, so let's deal with the vocals, but if there is no ear for music, then sing even alone.

there any ways to get rid of snoring?Maybe.It depends on why people snore.
- First, if you have extra weight, try to get rid of them.Trim your diet, move more.
- Secondly, it is better to abandon the spirits.
- Third, follow the position of the body.Better to take a small pillow and put under the neck to head lay flat, rather than at an angle to the body, or try to get used to sleeping on his right side.

- Fourth, the operation can be done if there is to this medical condition.
- Fifth, the need to go to bed no later than ten o'clock, so that the body was not too tired.

There is also a "grandmother's advice."Snoring people appeared not today and not yesterday.Even in olden times I wondered why people snore.And folk healers have determined that, probably, interferes with breathing mucus that accumulates in the nasopharynx.Therefore, the main recommendations were: nose washing and drinking before bed cabbage, mashed with honey.