If a child has earache, what to do?

day went well, the baby is healthy and cheerful, but in the evening it is sad, and at night - the temperature, fever, runny nose and ear pain.Pretty typical situation.And, alas, not every mother will dare to call an ambulance or doctor to call in the middle of the night.So, the child hurt his ears - what to do?

pain in the ears - one of the most common complaints of children.Often, a child's ear hurts at night, it is accompanied by intoxication and catarrhal phenomena.What are the reasons?There are several, but the most common - an inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media), which arose as a continuation of colds.Especially often it happens in newborns.During a cold baby all the time is, abundant mucus flows into the middle ear by a special channel - Eustachian tube that connects the ear cavity and nasopharynx.

In children older than one year, the cause of pain in the ear may be injured, the ingress of water or foreign body (which is for the prevention of such cases and write warning labels on toys the presence of small parts!).

If a child is often hurt the ears, possible reason - a chronic inflammation of the nose and throat.Pain in the ear can cause a boil in the ear canal, inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis, sore throat).Also, a toothache can give or, as doctors say, radiate to the ear.

common cause of ear pain is otitis media in infants caused by the hit of breast milk during feeding of the nasal cavity to the middle ear all at the same Eustachian tube.

The child hurt his ears - what to do to the professional examination by a doctor?

First of all we must try to find out whether the sore ear.Oldest child will specify the place of pain and grudnyachok will only cry.But!Pain in the ear is usually the nature of shooting, so the baby will be crying attacks, all the while pulling the handle to the patient eyelet.A self-identify the source of the pain can be a simple click on the tragus - tight ledge on the bottom of the ear.When otitis or other painful process it in the ear This action causes a sharp pain, and then weeping and appropriate response.If the ear there is any discharge (purulent, slimy, bloody), then, as they say, the cause of the disease is evident.

If a child has earache, what to do

around the ear is necessary to lubricate the skin of baby cream, and on top put a compress of gauze with a weak solution of vodka.Attention - auditory hole must remain open!From above you can wrap a scarf or warm wool.If a stuffy nose, you can use a vasoconstrictor drops, and at high temperature (greater than 380 C.) to give antipyretic.Then, seek medical help!

If a child hurt his ears that do not need to

Do not apply any bandages and compresses, especially covering the ear canal, if the child has any discharge from the ear.It is impossible to independently prescribe ear drops and antibiotics.Contraindicated use of UHF.In the cavity of the ear can not put tampons and turundy, no matter how "healing" substances they would not be lubricated.

In conclusion: if a child has earache, what to do - tell the doctor.