The ritual performance of desires: first think, then do

Wishes ... Unless there is light at least one person who would not dream of the performance of the promised (and sometimes more than one) desire?Someone for their dream day and night, devoting making money.Someone goes to the fortune-tellers and seers, hoping that it will help black and white magic.Still others just dream of sitting on the couch and looking intently into nowhere.Fourth ... That these quarters that can come up with on their own or to perform the ritual execution of desires, and we'll talk today.I have to say, then, that the cherished wishes come true, even today, scientists believe.After all, the desire - is not nothing but a thought-form.Properly formulated his dream, constantly visualizing it, people mobilized, his thoughts are ordered, and the subconscious mind is tuned to the goal.There are even certain technologies and practices of wish fulfillment, which can independently and quickly master.But I want to warn, to formulate the desire to be very careful, very precise, carefully.I burned myself once.Another meeting with her future husband, I held a ritual on the fulfillment of desires.The wording was: "We are together celebrating the wonderful New Year."Desire fulfilled ... almost.We really fun to celebrate New Year twice: December 2 and 6 of January.All the rest of the time it was not with me, I spent New Year's Eve alone.Through ritual on the fulfillment of desires, I am not sure it is the desire formulated.Nevertheless, I was convinced of its effectiveness and would like to share with those who believe in it.

ritual performance desires

I must say, black or white magic, spells, charms, etc.It is not needed.Please clearly and correctly formulate what we want to get.Whether it is love, a new bike or a promotion.Doing it in real time and without the particle "no" as much as possible to clarify the details.For example, because: "15 August, I'm going to ride his new bike."Now mapping the desires.This is the first step begins with a ritual on the fulfillment of desires.With his help, the desire to be visualized.Top Specifies the date of execution of desire.It has to be real.Then write (bright and beautiful) very desire.If it relates to career - on the north side of the sheet (above), the family - on the east (right).If you wish only affects the privacy of its write down (in the south), and the West are committed to children.It is possible to simultaneously write multiple desires, but after them it will be difficult to work with.Wrote?We select the pictures.They can draw to find in magazines or on the Internet.The main thing that they fully comply with your request.After pasting pictures in the center of the sheet place your photo.The card must be placed at a prominent place.Your task: in the morning and evening for 15-20 minutes, looking at the map in detail represent the desire has already been executed.This can be done by meditation music, in silence, candlelight or in the shadows.Repeat this daily.With the correct concentration of the brain tune in, and a desire to necessarily true.If you want to know the details of the ritual, get a book of the same name.