About People sign wisely and without superstition: what flies into the house of a swallow

natural world, lively and wildlife around us, people, affecting many different levels.Nature - our house, our nurse and poilitsa our tutor and strict judge.It severely punished for serious misconduct, suffering and forgiving, but still trying to get through to us, to our mind and soul through a variety of signs and signs.

Origin signs of swallows

In the old days, when our ancestors were in contact with mother nature more closely and harmoniously, they observed and tried to understand what signs and why are they.His observation of the signs of it passed from mouth to mouth, so most of the knowledge has reached us in its original form.Let's try to understand them in terms of modern logic.For example, what flies into the house of a swallow?According to legends, turned into birds of the soul of dead people.Because it was believed: it is either a dead man came to visit relatives, or bird foretells death of someone from the inhabitants of the house.Or death, because serious illness can hurt the family.Here is a grim explanation of what a swallow flies in the house.By the way, from the same signs of stems and the custom to give the birds crumbs from the dinner table, or leave food on the graves.And what to say about this rational thinking?Most likely, the swallow is looking for a place to nest twist, if it occurs in the spring, or just lost, "lost" his home.Naturalists say that these birds are settling in different secluded spot: in the recesses of the rocks, caves, abandoned buildings and in soAnd an open window or door to the house, the porch they perceive as a cozy shelter where you can stop.And making sure that error and poorly guided in a completely unfamiliar and strange space of a block of flats or apartments, bird begins to worry frantically screaming, beating on the glass or furniture.It may even hurt themselves to the blood.Man, however, such behavior frightened, he panics.And if after some time with him or comes close to trouble, he immediately relates one incident to another.That's how the unkind rumors about what flies into the house of a swallow.Although ... It is, in this respect and other positive installation!Do you want to?So: the swallow - bird house-proud.And if you equip it on your window or balcony door visor, and flies from time to time to you at the light - rejoice: the woman of your family - excellent hostess.And good luck to come to your house, and the family because these birds are considered to be very friendly in nature.

Ornithologists here's what they write: swallows live in sunny areas, dry, energy and environmental healthy enough.So if the messenger of spring arrived to you - there is reason for optimism, you should be all right.And finally, if the house has an unmarried woman or young girl, birds, often circling the roof and drop into the apartment, can mean a quick and happy marriage.As you can see, is not always the value of what flies in the house swallow, bad!

and other birds

And if you do not swallow the other Birdie got to you?What then?For example, the dove.And connected with it a sign of the transmigration of souls.That is, if the family has lost someone from the family, and became a dove to fly to them - is the soul of the deceased.What to do?Of course, feed the bird.And be sure to remember the deceased in the home circle, or a loaf of bread loaf to someone stranger in the street and asked to eat bread at such and such.And anyway, no matter what you thought about what a bird flies into the house, do not chase it.Open, she will fly.And then say: "Lord, take, take away from me and family troubles, misfortunes, and each of the seventy-seven fatalities, Amen!ยป

But look at the signs on.Sparrow bird, titmouse or hammering in the box or pick up inside?Perhaps they are hungry and looking for food near human.On the windowsill pour something to eat, but do expect a well or good news.If the same village titmouse on you urgently make a wish.Pisknet it - the desire to be fulfilled.That's what a bird flies into the apartment.

birds outside the window

world will take on this is not exhausted.There are birds that are unlikely housing will glance, but beside the man live.For example, the stork made a nest near your yard - great!The house will reign abundance, peace, understanding, love.Cooing doves pair - also for a happy family life.On the roof ponaletali jackdaws with crows - get ready for a fun, noisy wedding with lots of guests.The main thing - do not chase the birds without ruining nests, do not become enemies of nature!Otherwise, the trouble is you do not really blow.They say: kill swallow - all the farm naperekos goes, life disorder.Stork's nest bust, his exile - fire all the good you will take.Seagull kill - you stay single, the naklichete trouble.And so on.Because humans and birds, let's live together!And to all appearances fit with common sense and without superstitious fear.