The problem of fathers and children

nature of each of us at birth is given a specific set of mental and physical qualities and instincts.They help to survive in this complex world.Everything else depends on education that we received at an early age.Children have their own traits, simply can not agree with their parents constantly.This is due to the fact that each person is a person and has its own, particular point of view.

problem of fathers and children occurs before the close people belonging to different generations.Each of them is a historical period.In this regard, the generations are changing outlook on life and its system of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat any one of us is ready to strongly defend.

In earlier times, people worshiped the basis of the principles of being older.However, very often, children, absorbing family experience, willing to get out from under the influence of adults.At the same time they deny all the dogmas of the older generation.Kids think that they can build their lives much better, brighter and more interesting.They w

ant as quickly as possible to resolve all issues on their own.

problem of fathers and children occurs in almost all human society formations:

- in the family;

- in the workplace;

- in general, the formation of society.

From birth, the child is taught by parents.When he goes to kindergarten - teachers.Students - teachers.At certain times in this chain there is a time when all sorts of teachings begin to cause rejection.Usually this occurs when a child begin to develop personality, awareness of the rights of their own choice, and the responsibility for it.

problem of fathers and children of our time is rather complicated.In some cases, the task of striking a balance in the views of generations simply do not get to decide.Some of us come into an open confrontation with the other generation, the other for the possibility of peaceful coexistence, go to the side, allowing yourself and others find freedom in the implementation of ideas and plans.

problem of fathers and children today is very relevant.She is very acute for people belonging to different generations.However, we must remember that only mutual tolerance and respect for each other will not go for a major confrontation.The most important thing is the love and understanding.

Parenting Tips inherently serve coercion or dictate.With the formation of the person at the person less and less of a desire to obey.Parents need time to realize it and move the arrow relations with children in neutral ways of presenting their information.Otherwise, conflicts are inevitable.

most difficult for parents is that they should take their child for what it is, to put up with all its flaws and character traits.Furthermore, the older generation has to forgive offenses and wrong actions of their children.It is also difficult to accept the fact that the child will grow up and go into their adult lives, with their own concerns and affairs.

problem of fathers and children in the literature is often raised.This issue is to some extent addressed by many writers.The most striking echo of the current at all times the theme is a novel by Ivan Turgenev "Fathers and Sons."In addition, the product, the name of which points to its main theme, the relationship of generations covered in many masterpieces of literature.Who first raised the issue, hard to say.The problem is so vital at all times that the description has always existed in the pages of the works of literature.He turned his attention to a complex problem ASGriboyedov in his comedy "Woe from Wit".I touched her and LeoTolstoy's novel "War and Peace".