The three main versions of what happens to people after death

In the culture of Western civilization, there are three basic concepts about what happens to people after death.This is the concept of existence after death in heaven or in hell in the religions, the concept of reincarnation and the materialists (the concept of the cycle of rebirth).

The most common version of what happens to people after death is a concept of Heaven and Hell.But it is characteristic only for the Western religions.According to this concept, supreme being judged souls after death.Interestingly, in some cultures, people are punished for some specific actions, but in the other - completely for others.In the end, it turns out that most souls into the hell where they are doomed to eternal damnation and incredible suffering.Only a small percentage of the strict regulations of the righteous has a chance of getting into Heaven.

In the science of Western civilization, the most widespread concept is materialism.What happens to people after death, according to the materialists?Consciousness - as a product of the brain - completely ceases its activities after the death of the brain.On the other hand, a lot of different studies conducted mainly in the American and British clinics show that the majority of people during clinical death, consciousness is not interrupted even if the absolute absence of brain activity.Nor is interrupted and the flow of sensations.

During these studies, the purpose of which was to explain what happens to people after death, scientists are interested in is not the nature of individual experiences (the majority of people claimed to have seen the body from the outside, heard some voices), but the facts themselves these experiencesat the moment of death.The absence of electrical impulses the brain puts science to a standstill.When was accumulated decent statistics, scientists have come to the conclusion that the very existence of experiences does not depend on whether the suspended electrical activity of the brain and nerve impulses during clinical death, or continue.If we accept the theory that consciousness - a product of the brain, the person will not be able to experience something when no brain activity.That is, he was not able to be aware of the fact that he died.However, studies contradict the theory.

Finally, there is one concept that tries to answer the question: "What happens to people after death?" This is the theory of rebirth (reincarnation).According to this view, our consciousness does not disappear after the death of the physical body.It, like everything that surrounds us, just turns into another form and condition.After the death of his mother, father, son, daughter or other loved one, many people prefer to believe it is the theory.The Celts, for example, the custom by which a person who has taken the amount of debt written testament.After his death, he promised to return the money, but in a different body.And this practice is considered normal.Reincarnation is found not only in the East.Even Pythagoras was one of the first philosophers who began to openly express the idea of ​​rebirth of souls.The scientist himself has often said that he remembers his past incarnations.