Blue - the value and characteristics

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color symbolism has a long history.People for a long time have started to attach importance to "paint", and this is reflected in the folk legends, ancient myths, etc.It should be noted astrology.The rays of the sun that are located in the spectrum, giving seven colors correspond to their planets.Red - it's Mars, blue - the value of Venus, yellow - Mercury, green - Saturn, orange - the sun, purple - the moon, purple - Jupiter.

historical significance of color

Blue - its value in various branches of the same.It symbolizes eternity and the sky.It may also be considered a symbol of fidelity, kindness, constancy and location.However, the blue color value in heraldry is somewhat different - honesty, chastity, loyalty and a good reputation.It is impossible not to recall the "blue blood" - she says, because of the noble origin of man.

It is worth noting that the color is close enough to the black because it has similar values.In ancient Egypt and South Africa had a blue color value of mourning.The French also had such a thing as "Blue Fear".The Slavs, it was the color of grief and sorrow associated with the world of the devil.

Speaking on the theme, which has a blue color value, it should be noted that it also symbolizes the emotional, communication.This color gives the impression of purity, airiness, light and ethereal.A more intense color - the color of the night, which gives visually impaired relaxation and tranquility of the bright light of day.All these shades attracted to the color of ice, frozen rivers, snow-covered mountain, sky high.Blue - a symbol of eternal rest and faith, the content of some fantastic and mysterious substance.These shades look great in the interior, but if there is too much, it will cause a depression.

What is blue?This, above all, color, belonging to the element, like water, and of the world - North.Feng Shui says that it is not necessary to paint in the color of the walls belonging to the northern side, in order to avoid their coldness.This shade has a calming effect.Thanks to him, a person can get rid of the negative thoughts, aggressive desires, insomnia.

There are different meanings of colors.Blue is able to placate, appease human and concentrate his attention on the inner world.It is best to use this color, where one does not need to be active.And do not use it as the base color.Only in the details - then it will be perfect.

This color is perfect for those people who were born under the sign of Capricorn and Cancer.These are the signs of a good contact with the shade.

It should be noted that the value of blue is highly dependent on the shade.Bright - friendly and refreshing.Brown - reliable and serious.On how dark or light shade of blue man chooses depends on his mood.The one that is closer to the blue - soothes and bright - on the contrary, stimulates and refreshes.Dark - very solid and very quiet.Therefore, choosing the color to whatever he was intended, you need to determine exactly what role it should perform.After all, this very much depends.