Find out what the right ear itches

many tens and hundreds of years ago there was no science as such, so it was impossible to determine the causes of the phenomena.Therefore, for all the people come up with inexplicable signs, which gave very different interpretation of events.It is interesting to look the causes of what right ear itches.

As explained itching ear ancestors

Now people come up with dozens of different explanations for this or that phenomenon, the veracity of these interpretations are arguing for years, and some take for granted, as they look more believable or more clearly proven than other options.But until now, many people believe that the most truthful explanation is that given the people who lived before us.Many attribute his natural wisdom, not turbid technological progress, so if they had scratched his right ear, the only sign of what they believe.But what is really our ancestors thought about the case of itching of the ear?The first and most common option is the following: if the itching ears, especially the right, then you will soon be on to something to curse.Ears were negative in terms of one of the most used organs.If your ears are burning, it means that you discuss behind if itching - so will abuse and so on.But our ancestors were treated with a single explanation, there is a difference of opinion, to which the right ear itches.For example, there is a version of that itch right ear means that soon you will bring news, however, is nowhere stated, it will be good news or bad?As in many other cases, the signs left behind ambiguity, but it is part of their nature.If they point to some current event to the last detail, it turned out to be a positive result would be much less.And with such a formulation is much sign of a greater number of cases.The last of the widely known interpretations of what the right ear itches, is an option to unforeseen expenditure.One of the worst possible explanation itching ear, but there's nothing you can do about it - apparently, our ancestors often coincide scratching the ear and some unexpected costs.

logical explanation

can always believe in omens, it is not forbidden to anyone, yet in today's world there is probably a logical explanation for almost any phenomenon, which we can see, hear or feel.And if you begin to scratch his ear, then it is likely that you should seek medical advice.In case itching persistent, permanent and does not pass a certain period of time, it may be any sign of irritation.You should see a dermatologist to get tested and then treated if you will emerge any disease.Be also ready to visit an allergist if you have a tendency to allergic reactions.And if you still seriously tormented question of what the right ear itches, and you just need to find out all the options, you can refer to a collection of the popular will, which are sold in bookstores and are available on the Internet.