Obama helps to make money

Enterprising businessmen have found a great way to earn a obamomanii and stay afloat during the global financial crisis.

example, Chinese entrepreneurs replicate the name of the president of the United States on various products - from instant noodles to the T-shirts.
According to the newspaper The Telegraph, in the city of Wenzhou shoe manufacturer has registered the trademark Mei Obama.
Now the name of the new President of the United States emblazoned on shoes, sandals and boots.

in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on the eve of the inauguration opened hairdresser named Barack Obama.

In a small room in the market of al-Merkezi barber shears for a few pounds of any "under the 44th president."

factory in Japan Ogawa Rubber Inc.produced and have already sold more than 2.5 thousand. Obama masks.
Approaching a thousand copies.
And a new "bestseller" is almost level with the most popular mask of former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.
Latex person elected President of the USA is sold in stores in Japan for around 2 thousand. Yen (about $ 24).

In Israel, among the souvenirs you can find T-shirts with the image of the new occupant of the White House in the form of an orthodox Jew with sidelocks and a bale.
inscription on it reads: "Relax - whether Jew!ยป

in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the central public market stalls merchants scatter nesting dolls depicting Obama.
According to Esquire, the first, the biggest, the president holds the scepter and orb, the second - the accordion, the third - Chark, on the fourth - with bread and salt, and the fifth - a bouquet of gladioli.

In the United States started to produce energy drink under the unpretentious title "Obama."
It is touted as "the first soda for everyone who needs a positive change."
During the campaign, each buyer package of 24 cans donated to Barack Obama's election fund $ 1.
As a result, the Democratic candidate has raised about 640 million dollars.

Americans also began to produce condoms with the face of Obama's package.
representatives of the manufacturer declare: "Now uncertain times.Economic growth slowed down ... But there were condoms Obama, and for a change, you can now believe in them. "

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