How to successfully use the PVC wall panel

Repair bathtub or toilet - a complex and expensive undertaking.Reduce costs - the dream of everyone who is engaged in bringing their homes in order.How to do it?The easiest way to use wall panels PVC.They're cheap, easy to install and to clean.

to the bathroom, they should be selected carefully.The room is quite cramped, windowless different high traffic.Walls need to decorate it, considering all the circumstances.Washable panel suitable for the finishing place by the door, next to a closet for cleaning and room for dirty clothes.

Other advantages

is best suited for finishing the bathroom wall panels PVC pastel shades.On the strength and other properties, they are the perfect material to make a beautiful and practical finish.They may well close all defects, including irregularities in walls.

Features color selection

If your toilet is different in size and good lighting, it is best to diversify its interior, choosing PVC wall panel variegated colors, though not striking in the extreme.In this case, you will not see the dust and dirt will inevitably appear on the walls.

Since bathrooms are no natural light, fit bright panel with the presence of pearlescent.Unusually will look into the room if the attempt to combine different colors.This can be done on one of the walls, but you can at all.

to visually reduce the size of the already small room, it is better not to finish his material having a major figure.However, the best solution will be bright PVC wall panel, a photo (the price is about 300 rubles apiece), which is in any catalog, making it easier choice.They give a bath ineffable charm.

can consider the option of using the material and coated with a photo.These panels are fixed usually on the farthest wall.This will not only create the impression of a kind of "window" that visually expand the space, but also refresh the interior.

How to fix?

Traditionally they are mounted on the frame.Optimally, a metal profile, since it is not deformed by moisture in the air.But still cheaper to use wood treated with preservatives that prevent the development of mold and mildew.

to the walls furring fastened with dowels.Pay attention!It is necessary to carefully calibrate the position of the beam building level and plumb, as otherwise the PVC wall panels are placed askew, do not add to their appeal.

their bolted to the frame with screws.Fastened to clearly audible click, otherwise they will be in time to disperse.

Another purpose

If you have a problem with noise isolation of the room in the space between the panels and the wall, you can lay the sound-absorbing materials.In addition, in the same space optimally laid communication cables so they do not spoil the look of the room.

Typically, wall panels PVC dimensions 25-30 cm in width and about 2.5 meters in height.So the average bathroom can be closed hygienic material, without spending a lot of money.Considering that PVC panels do not rot, you can forget about repairing the next decade or more.