Corner of the consumer as an integral part of trade enterprise

Under the law, the company or organization involved in trading or providing services to the population and legal entities shall have a specially equipped booth called "Corner of the consumer".The name may be completely different: for example, "Customer Information" or "Customer as interesting."Most importantly, the present stand.This is provided for by the law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.In accordance with the normative document regulating the activities of organizations, one way or another affect the interests of the population.

Corner is a collection of consumer information provided in printed or hand-written form, decorated by all the rules and in compliance with the essential requirements.This stand should be located in a place visible and accessible to every client.For information about the company, to provide services, it addresses and phone numbers, as well as information about the services involved in the protection of consumer rights, with all sorts of contacts - that's what must have consumer area.Documents posted on the stand should contain full and truthful information about the organization, talk about the working hours of the institution.

addition to the above securities are required to be attached excerpts from the general rules on the retail trade.Depending on the type of the enterprise and services, the number of items to be submitted for review varies.In some places, a set of rules to be present completely.Also, it is obligatory to have a copy of the law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.Sometimes the organization should be placed on the stand price lists provided to the population and legal entities services.

These forms constitute the corner of the consumer.Requirements for its design also include the availability of the securities, which show the customer number and the type of license the organization, as well as the expiration date.If the activity is carried out now, is not subject to licensing, the stand ought to have a copy of the certificate of state registration.Also, the client must be available of the authority which issued the document.

Corner consumer contains important document for all organizations - "Book reviews and suggestions".Any company - trade, or providing public services - should have such a magazine.At the same time any client has the right to leave a message in this book.Therefore, it should be in a prominent place.The legislation provides that the journal shall be issued upon request.Deviation from this point is fraught with administrative responsibility.Therefore the consumer area - is the place where the magazine.

head of the organization or the person who replaces him must with rigor and responsibility to monitor the correct and timely execution of the book.At the same time it is necessary to register with the local authorities.Small consumers can also contain background information, announcements, greeting customers with holidays and days off.